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How Well Do You Know: Cougar Town: Season 1
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1. Going by the graphic that introduces each episode, we can surmise that the series is set in this state:
New York
2. Ellie and Andy have a baby with this old-man name:
3. While doing the Confidence Dance, one person pantomimes holding a:
Bag of Money
4. Friends star Lisa Kudrow has a cameo in an episode as an extremely stern:
Movie theater manager
Crossing guard
5. "Pilot:" After Jules has sex with a young man she met at a club, she feeds him with:
Rice Krispies treats
Cold cereal
Crackers with peanut butter
An ice cream sandwich
6. "Into the Great Wide Open": Jules gives Grayson the nickname "PB," which stands for:
Pervy Bachelor
Pretty Britches
Paper Buddy
Party Boy
7. "Don't Do Me Like That": In her frantic preparation to close the deal with Josh, Jules had these procedures done at the same time:
Get vaccinated and get waxed
Get waxed and get a maincure
Get a manicure and get a pedicure
Have a mole removed and get a pedicure
8. "I Won't Back Down": Jules inadvertently hurts Grayson when she blurts out that she saw his ex-wife:
Who has remarried, to a man that looks just like Grayson
Who is now pregnant
Who is now a dude
Who has remarried, to a very rich man
9. "I Won't Back Down": Bobby's discovery of a 15 year old _____ leads to a bonding moment between him and Travis.
Pop tart
Can of Jolt cola
10. "You Wreck Me": To train Josh to properly use his tongue while kissing her, Jules employed:
A salt shaker
A straw
A bottle of beer
An apple
11. "A Woman in Love (It's Not Me)": Even though things with Josh are going well, Jules suddenly decides to dump him (though it doesn't last long). Why does she dump Josh?
He says he's in love with her
He complains about her rough feet
Travis is uncomfortable with their relationship
She's appalled that he likes sappy romantic movies
12. "Don't Come Around Here No More": Grayson bet that Jules could not spend an entire day by herself. She, of course loses (come on, it was Barbecue Saturday!). What did she have to do to pay up?
Make out with Laurie in front of him
Go out on a date with some really old dude
Promise to be celibate for a week
Give him $20
13. "Two Gunslingers": With Jules gone for her birthday, Grayson checks in on Travis while he has a girl over. The resulting conversation between the two leads Grayson to admit to Travis that he:
Always feel sexually unsatisfied by all the girls he has over
Briefly fantasized about Richard Simmons
Marched in more than one Pride parade
Once kissed his male cousin
14. "Here Comes My Girl": When Andy tries to keep a secret from Ellie, he has this rather specific reaction:
Uncontrollable swearing
15. "Mystery Man": Scott Foley played a client of Jules who saw the same house over and over. In Jules' head, he wore:
A frilly sundress
A barbershop quartet outfit
Tiny pants
Only a strategically placed flower pot
16. "Rhino Skin": Laurie is intrigued by a rich man because of this reason (aside from his finances):
He has a mole on his neck shaped like her
He has a last name for a first name and a first name for a last name
He's exactly 6" taller than she is
His eyes are the same color as the panties she's wearing when they meet
17. "Scare Easy" : Bobby: "Boys, ________ is the best thing I ever created in my entire life." Of what is Bobby so very proud?
The Penny Can Game
The cough syrup hangover remedy
The fire extinguisher scuba kit
18. "Stop Dragging My Heart Around": In the midst of their fling, Laurie is dismayed to find out that Grayson considers Jules his:
Fall-back Girl
Someday Girl
No-how Girl
Last Resort Girl
19. "All the Wrong Reasons": The friendship between Ellie and Jules is tested when the two compete for the affections of:
A waiter
A veterinarian
The local weatherman
A tennis instructor
20. "When a Kid Goes Bad": What decorative feature of Grayson's house does Ellie find particularly offensive?
His lawn gnomes
The Christmas lights
The trail of teenaged trollops leading from his door
His Death Star bird house
21. "What Are You Doin' in My Life?": As she sleeps, Ellie apparently fancies herself as:
"Mrs. Zac Effron"
"Mrs. Johnny Depp"
"Mrs. Barack Obama"
"Mrs. Dude-That-Mugged-Bobby"
22. "Counting on You": Andy purchases a certain item from Laurie. Ellie does not approve. At all. What was the item?
An antique pistol
A bitchin' jukebox
A motorcycle
A snuggie
23. "Counting on You": "Noodling" is a method of fishing for catfish in which you use ________ for bait:
Your arm
A noodle
An empty beer can
A rope with a knot on the end
24. "Turn This Car Around": Sheryl Crow guest stars as a wine saleswoman who tries to get Grayson to buy wine with a name that appears to be:
The name of a female body part
The name of a state
The name of a venereal disease
The name of a pornographic magazine
25. "Everything Man": Jules's made-over bathroom is great, except for that one button, which you should never, ever know, the button that says:
26. "Wake up Time": Bobby and Andy play emotional chicken, staring at each other and trying not to cry while:
Listening to Cat's in the Cradle
Watching the ending of Rudy
Watching the end of Field of Dreams
Listening to Nothing Compares 2 U
27. "Letting You Go": Andy wakes up at all hours of the night so that he can enjoy himself free of Ellie's rules. What is the typical choice of headwear for such occasions?
Dunce cap
Cowboy hat
Cat-in-the-Hat style cap
A saucy beret
28. "Feeling a Whole Lot Better": While Grayson and Jules explore being friends with benefits, Bobby, Travis and Andy chase all over town trying to get some money that is inside a:
Box of donuts
Pack of matches
Red balloon
Plastic Easter egg
29. "Breakdown": In Jules' yearbook, is a picture of her on stage with which important historical figure?
Anwar Sadat
Ronald Reagan
Bruce Springsteen
Dan Marino
30. "Finding Out": During the last quarter of the season finale, only Bobby's ______ is visible:
Left elbow

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