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How Well Do You Know: Actors and Their Roles II
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Actors and Their Roles quiz

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1. Johnny, Dalton, Vida, Bodhi
Patrick Swayze
Patrick Stewart
Beau Bridges
Tom Selleck
2. Sam, Kale, Mutt, Stanley
Kevin Bacon
Shia LaBeouf
Seth Green
Jason Lee
3. Benjamin, Jesse, Rusty, Tyler
Ashton Kutcher
Ving Rhames
Brad Pitt
Jean-Claude Van Damme
4. Rooster, J.B., Matt, Cord
John Wayne
James Coburn
Walter Matthau
Walter Huston
5. Daniel, Edward, Charles, Will
Pierce Brosnan
Clive Owens
Hugh Grant
Kevin Spacey
6. James, August, Allan, Richard
Tommy Lee Jones
Daniel Craig
Sean Connery
Colin Firth
7. Adrian, Xander, Shane, Dominic
Brad Pitt
Willem Dafoe
Ice Cube
Vin Diesel
8. Bernie, Wendell, Michael/Dorothy, Raymond
John Malkovich
Wesley Snipes
Clint Howard
Dustin Hoffman
9. Michael, John, Vincent, Sonny
Al Pacino
Burgess Meredith
Bruno Kirby
James Caan
10. Paul, Jay, Steven, Robert
Will Smith
Paul Bettany
Liam Neeson
Edward Norton
11. Larry, Rudy, Shannon, Holden
Ben Affleck
Josh Hartnett
Tobey Maguire
Bill Murray
12. Jack, Conor, Ted, Tod
Sylvester Stallone
Dana Carvey
Keanu Reeves
Paul Newman
13. Roy, Johnny, Jeremiah, Nathan
Robert Redford
James Franco
Eric Bana
Roy Schneider
14. Cal, Bud, Hando, Jack
Jack Nicholson
Russell Crowe
Taylor Lautner
Colin Farrell
15. Brian, Jerry, Jared, Lance
Paul Walker
Alan Rickman
Reginald Vel Johnson
Kevin Kline
16. Martin, William, Graham, Dale
Martin Lawrence
Mel Gibson
Bill Nighy
Vince Vaugh
17. Virgil, Doc, Jim, Nick
Val Kilmer
Rufus Sewell
Guy Pearce
Kurt Russell
18. Rod, Carl, Albert, Arlo
Cillian Murphy
Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Sean Penn
Ryan Reynolds
19. Bobby, Jack, James, Shelly
Alec Baldwin
Jackie Chan
Seann William Scott
Scott Caan
20. Steve, Austin, Wayne, Charlie/Stuart
Charles Grodin
Mike Myers
Michael Madsen
Richard Chamberlain
21. Joey, Leo, Tommy, Vinny
Joe Pesci
John Travolta
Chevy Chase
Ted Knight
22. Bill, Jimmy, Norman, Lex
Gene Hackman
Walter Brennan
Adrien Brody
John Candy
23. Andy, Dan, Evan, Frank
Gary Cooper
Pierce Brosnan
Steve Carell
Ray Romano
24. Jacques, Bobby, Harris, Neal
Denis Leary
Steve Martin
Gerard Depardieu
Billy Crystal
25. Sam, Daniel, Mikey, Marcus
Sean Astin
Jack Lemmon
Elijah Wood
Owen Wilson

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