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How Well Do You Know: Observe and Report
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Observe and Report quiz

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1. A news reporter fails to call Ronnie the head of mall security. To retaliate, Ronnie calls her what?
A doctor
A dentist
A shoe saleswoman
A zookeeper
2. Who does Ronnie live with?
His sister
His brother
His mom
Paul Rudd
3. Where does the pervert expose himself to Brandi?
Inside the mall
In the parking lot
At the movie theater
Next to a hot dog stand
4. The mall gets shoplifted overnight. The victimized store primarily sells what item?
5. Aziz Ansari cameos as a kiosk worker who Ronnie accuses previously plotted to blow up what?
A McDonald's
A Chic-fil-A
A Denny's
A Burger King
6. Finish Ronnie's line: "I'm a cook, and I'm _____"
Serving up justice
About to bake you some fear
Cobbling up a tasty law treat
7. What item does Ronnie get free every day for working mall security?
A donut
A foot massage
8. In a heart-to-heart with his mom, Ronnie asks whether it was his fault that his dad left. How does his mom respond?
"I don't think so"
"Without a doubt"
9. What does Brandi like to call waitresses?
10. What makes Ronnie's dinner date with Brandi infinitely better?
Ronnie gives her flowers
Ronnie promises they'll go to a swanky bar after dessert
Ronnie gives her his prescription pills
Ronnie kisses her
11. What happens right after Brandi throws up and asks for a mint?
Brandi throws up again
Brandi passes out
Ronnie has sex with her
Ronnie kisses her
12. Ronnie's mom gets him a cake in the shape of what?
A gun
A police badge
A can of mace
A beer bottle
13. Why is Ronnie told he can never be a real cop?
He failed the written test
He failed the psychological exam
He can't drive
He's colorblind
14. Who plays Nell's boss at the cafe/coffee house?
Adam Sandler
Patton Oswald
Adam Carolla
Kevin James
15. Ronnie's co-worker, Dennis, drops the P-word. What's the P-word?
16. Ronnie puts up a good fight to take down the detective's henchmen using only a _____.
Walkie Talkie
17. Ronnie's mom says she's going to make a significant change in her life. What is she going to do?
Get a job
Stop sleeping 12 hours a day
Switch to beer
Stop sleeping with Ronnie's friends
18. Ronnie gets a postcard from Dennis. Where is he living now?
Costa Rica
19. What song plays while Ronnie is chasing after the pervert?
"Wild Thing" by Tone Loc
"My Name is Jonas" by Weezer
"Where is My Mind?" by Pixies
"Paper Planes" by M.I.A.
20. How does Ronnie take down the pervert?
He steps on his foot
He shoots him
He gut punches him
He clotheslines him

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