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How Well Do You Know: Paul Blart: Mall Cop
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Paul Blart Mall Cop quiz

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1. What state does Paul Blart live in?
New York
New Jersey
2. What does Paul say about peanut butter? "It just _____."
Tastes so yummy
Makes me feel so good inside
Fills the cracks of the heart
Takes away the pain
3. Paul has a video of himself riding around on his Segwey that his mom uploads to his Internet dating profile. To what song does he dance to?
"Smoke on the Water"
"I Want to Break Free"
"Burnin' for You"
4. During his early morning commute, Paul accidentally runs over a _____.
5. Riding around aimlessly on his Segwey, Paul's eye latch on to a pretty blonde, which causes him to slam into a _____.
Light post
6. Paul says he gets a 30-minute lunch break. He uses 20 minutes for eating, five minutes to socialize and the other five minutes to do what?
Do a perimeter search of the mall
Eat second lunch
7. Amy works at a kiosk that primarily sells _____.
Cell phones
Dog collars
8. Paul gets in a brawl with a large woman in what store? (Hint: She was arguing with another woman about a bra).
Victoria's Secret
9. What does Paul drunkenly say between ripping off his shirt and crashing through a window?
"I don't drink alcohol"
"I believe in magic"
"Marry me, Amy!"
"Fat man in a little coat"
10. During that same evening, Paul gets a tattoo. What is it of?
A clown's face
A reindeer
A gun
The Loch Ness Monster
11. In the mall, Paul fails at what type of video game?
First-person shooter
Track and field
Cr racing
12. And in what video game is he surprisingly good at?
Rock Band
Dance Dance Revolution
Ms. Pac-Man
Paper Boy
13. After the mall has been taken over, what does Paul spot that causes him to reenter the mall?
His Segwey
A hostage
Amy's car
14. Paul has to think fast about a hiding place from those two limber bad guys. Where does he decide to hide?
In a clothing rack
In the ceiling
In an air vent
Behind the register
15. It was an air vent. What gives away that he's there?
He farts
His stomach growls
His shoe falls off
He sings a song
16. What's Paul relation to the head of the S.W.A.T. team?
They're brothers
They're neighbors
He dated Paul's mom at one point
They went to high school together
17. Remember the infamous scene of Paul running into glass doors and unsuccessfully bouncing off of them? What was he trying to get to?
His badge
A birthday card
His Segwey
18. Midway through the heist, Paul adorns new attire. What color clothes does he wear now?
19. Paul gets knocked out and needs sugar... immediately. What does he eat? (Hint: he finds it on the floor).
A mint
A lollipop
An M&M
A stick of gum
20. What does Paul squirt in Veck's eyes, which causes Paul to say: "Probably should have capitalized on that."
Hot sauce

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