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How Well Do You Know: Disturbia
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Disturbia quiz

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1. Let's start off easy1. Disturbia is an update of which Alfred Hitchcock classic?
Rear Window
North by Northwest
1Assuming you know your cinematic history
2. Kale's life was turned upside down when his father was killed as they returned from:
Seeing a movie
A trip abroad
3. When Kale first makes eye contact with Ashley, he is:
Chasing punk kids from the neighborhood
Watching her unload her family's moving van
Watching her change clothes
Being arrested
4. How does Kale mark the edge of the safe zone in his yard?
With string
With lawn furniture
With a laser grid
With rope strung between trees
5. To underscore that Kale's home confinement was not a vacation, Kale's mother took all of the following steps....except for which?
She cut the cable to his TV
She disabled his iTunes
She cancelled all his magazine subscription
She blocked his X-Box Live access
6. What detail in the televised reports of the missing girl lead Kale to suspect Mr. Turner might be involved?
Mr. Turner matched the description
The girl was last seen in Mr. Turner's house
Mr. Turner wore the same style boots as the suspect
Mr. Turner's car fit the description of the suspect's vehicle
7. Police believed that the suspect in the missing girl case had committed similar crimes in which other state?1
1Hint: Kale saw something in Turner's garage that seemed to tie Turner to these crimes
8. Mr. Turner's first visit to Kale's house came when:
He came to tell Kale to stop spying on him
He gave Kale's mother a ride home from the store
He came to borrow a cup of sugar
He came give give Kale's mother some misdelivered mail
9. What nickname do Kale and his friends give to the woman who Turner brings home and eventually murders?
Club Girl
Hot Blonde
Ronnie's Future Ex Wife
10. Ashley sets Kale's phone to use what song as a ringtone whenever Ronnie calls?
Me So Horny
Thong Song
Baby Got Back
Parents Just Don't Understand
11. Kale and Ashley have a bit of a spat when:
She accuses him of being paranoid about Mr. Turner
She decides to throw a party
She makes a poorly-worded reference to Kale's father
She accuses him of hanging out with Ronnie too much
12. Ashley and Kale's make-out session is interrupted by the sound of Mr. Turner dragging something down the stairs. We presume that he is dragging a body, encased in:
A wooden crate
A cardboard box
A blue tarp
A large burlap sack
13. Mr. Turner catches Ashley spying on him when she follows him to:
A hardware store
A grocery store
A library
A movie theater
14. Kale realizes something unusual about Mr. Turner's house. What was it?
The basement draws an unusual amount of electricity
An addition was added connecting the house to the garage
A swimming pool originally dug into the back yard had been filled in
It was built on the site of an old Native American burial ground
15. Ronnie freaks out when he realizes that, while he was breaking into Mr. Turner's car, he dropped his:
16. When Ronnie apparently gets trapped inside Mr. Turner's house, Kale runs over, armed with:
A knife
A baseball bat
A crowbar
17. The police arrive at Mr. Turner's house and arrest Kale. At Kale's insistence, the police look in the blue tarp, which Kale thinks contains a body. What was in the tarp?
Club Girl
An animal carcass
18. Kale found Ronnie, who was playing dead,:
In the trunk of a car
Floating in Ashley's swimming pool
In his closet
In a chest freezer
19. As the climax of the film begins, Mr. Turner attacks and knocks out:
Kale first, then Ashley
Ashley first, then Ronnie
Ronnie first, the Kale
Kale's mother first, then Ronnie
20. Storming Mr. Turner's house to find his mother, Kale armed himself with:
A gun
Garden shears
A baseball bat
A shovel
21. Officer Gutierrez met his doom when Turner killed him by:
Shooting him
Cutting his throat
Beating him to death
Breaking his neck
22. Where in Mr. Turner's house did Kale find his mother?
In the garage
In the basement
In a crawlspace off of the living room
In the laundry room
23. When we last saw Mr. Turner, he was:
Being shot by the police
Floating in water
Hanging upside down
Driving his car
24. As the film closes, Kale gets revenge on neighborhood punk kids who had earlier:
Broken his living room window
Reported him to the police
Keyed his car
Put a flaming bag of poo on his front porch
25. The next time you're stuck at home and really, really bored, you can try to pass time by constructing a tower using this material, just as Kale did in the film:
Beer cans
Bottle caps
Ketchup packets

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