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Charade quiz

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1. While on vacation, Regina Lampert informs her friend Sylvie that she is:
divorcing her husband
having an affair
thinking of moving to London
2. Reggie shows she is stressed by:
biting her fingernails
3. Reggie returns from Paris to find:
her apartment completely emptied
a child waiting on her doorstep
divorce papers sitting on the kitchen table
a newspaper on her front step showing her husband's obituary
4. Reggie's husband Charles had been trying to escape to __________ at the time of his death.
5. Contents of Charles's personal effects included all but what?
a fountain pen
an unmailed letter
multiple passports
a tape recorder
6. Charles had sold the contents of his and Regina's apartment at public auction. How much money did he get from the sale?
7. What did Reggie learn in Charles's unmailed letter to her?
he was having an affair
he wanted a divorce as well
her dentist called to change her appointment
he picked up her dry cleaning while she was away
8. Penniless Reggie tries getting back the job she had before she married Charles. She was a:
cocktail waitress
simultaneous translator
receptionist at the French embassy
9. The "mourners" at Charles's wake sure are acting strange. Which of the following does NOT happen at his wake?
a mirror is held to his face to make sure he isn't breathing
a mourner sneezes on Charles
a pin is stuck into Charles to verify he is not faking his death
his coffin is tipped over to see if he gets up
10. Reggie is called to the American embassy, where she is informed that Charles was:
wanted for murder
wanted by the CIA - he owed them money
a fugitive under witness protection
really alive and was faking his death
11. What puppet show are Reggie and mystery man Peter Joshua watching as they discuss Reggie's innocence in her husband's death?
Punch and Judy
Bill and Ben
Sooty and Sweep
Pinky and Perky
12. While out with Peter Joshua to get her mind off of things/lighten the mood, Reggie is cornered into a phone booth by Tex, one of the men at Charles's wake. He frightens her by:
holding a gun to her head
cutting her leg/pantyhose with a pocket knife
lighting matches and throwing them on her clothes
grabbing her neck and putting her against a wall
13. The man who has broken into Reggie's room has what distinguishing feature?
a hook-hand
an eye patch
crossed eyes
one leg
14. Reggie asks Peter if he's hurt after fighting Scobie (the man with the hook-hand) in her hotel room. Peter tells her he has:
shattered HIS hand, too
sprained his pride
never felt better
hurt the intruder but not himself
15. What is the name of the hotel Reggie, Peter and the 3 menaces are staying at?
Hotel Riviera
Hotel St. Jacques
Hotel du Louvre
Hotel Britannique
16. How was Reggie's husband Charles involved with the 3 menaces who may or may not have killed him?
They had been involved in a plot to kidnap an international diplomat.
They were college drinking buddies.
They planned to steal gold they were supposed to deliver during the war.
They helped each other break out of prison 20 years prior.
17. Reggie finds out from one of the menaces that "Peter" is not who he says he is. She confronts him about his identity via telephone at the:
American Express building
18. Scobie the hook-hand and "Peter" (now discovered to be Alexander Dyle) duke it out:
in Reggie's hotel room again
on the roof of the American Express building
on a boat
in the park near the puppet show
19. What word does Peter/Alexander find to be horrible?
20. Tex the meanie, Scobie the hook-hand and Gideon the sneezer call Reggie and tell her they have:
given up their quest for the $250,000
decided they will kill her if she doesn't have the money within 48 hrs.
kidnapped her friend's young son
found the money
21. During a hotel-wide search for the money, Reggie and her friend's son Jean-Louis find a suitcase hidden on top of an armoire. What is in the suitcase?
the money
one of Scobie's hooks
some of Charles's personal effects Reggie had brought with her
22. Reggie and Alexander go to dinner:
on a dinner cruise
at a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower
at Gusteau's restaurant
at a hot dog stand next to the Eiffel Tower
23. "Alexander", now Adam Canfield, tells Reggie he is, in fact:
a detective
friends with the 3 henchmen
a thief
an actor researching his next role
24. So, after a massive search and the death of a few henchmen, it looks like Reggie had that money all along. Where was it?
the "tooth powder" in Charles's bag was $250k worth of cocaine
the earrings Charles had bought her were worth $250k
the stamps on the unmailed letter from Charles were worth $250k
the inside pocket of Charles's bag had a check for $250k
25. Reggie realizes too late that she had the money all along. What did she do with the stamps?
threw the letter/envelope in the trash
used them to mail a check to her dentist
handed them over to Tex
gave them to Sylvie's son
26. Poor, evil Tex - even he didn't make it. He's found suffocated with a plastic bag, tied to the radiator. What did he manage to "write" on the hotel room carpet before he died?
"Charles alive"
27. So it turns out that the CIA's Mr. Bartholomew was actually Carson Dyle, a war buddy of Charles and the henchmen who was thought to be dead! The final standoff between Dyle, Adam and Reggie takes place in:
a theatre
the Louvre
the hotel
the AMEX building
28. How does Carson Dyle die?
Reggie pushes him out a window and he breaks his neck
Reggie shoots him in the chest and he bleeds to death
Adam pulls the trap door lever underneath the stage and he falls to his death
Adam tricks him into drinking poisoned liquid.
29. Poor confused Reggie discovers Adam is once again lying about who he is! He is, in fact, Brian Cruikshank of the:
US Treasury Department
Central Intelligence Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigations
Internal Revenue Service
30. Brian promises Reggie that he is telling the truth - Brian *is* his real name - by offering to:
show her his driver's license
put it on the marriage license
find his birth certificate
introduce her to his mother, who would verify his identity

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