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How Well Do You Know: Community: Season One, Part 1
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Community Season 1 quiz

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1. "Pilot": What John Hughes flick is referenced a number of times throughout the premiere episode?
The Breakfast Club
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Weird Science
Pretty in Pink
2. "Pilot": Duncan doesn't really give Jeff all the test answer questions. Instead, the envelope turns out to hold a stack of blank pages, save for the last one that reads _____.
3. "Spanish 101": Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jeff ends up with Pierce as his Spanish partner. What mutual Spanish word brought them together?
Silencio (Silence)
Casa (House)
Amigo (Friend)
Sol (Sun)
4. "Spanish 101": We meet Senor Chang. During his introductions, whose face does he attempt to bite off?
5. "Introduction to Film": Pierce has a hard time getting this feature to work on his phone.
Web browsing
Voice recognition
6. "Introduction to Film": Jeff can't seem to _____, which his film professor threatens will force Jeff to fail the course.
"Own it"
"Seize the day"
"Man up"
"Snap, crackle and pop"
7. "Social Psychology": For Annie's experiment, Abed ends up sitting in a room for how many hours?
8. "Social Psychology": Pierce invests in a device that improves what sense?
9. "Advanced Criminal Law": Abed and Troy test how many _____ they can fit in their mouths without gagging.
Ping pong balls
10. "Advanced Criminal Law": Annie enlists Pierce to help her write an original school song. When it comes time to perform, we find out Pierce merely wrote his own lyrics to the tune of what?
"Jack & Diane" (John Mellencamp)
"The Way It Is" (Bruce Hornsby)
"I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" (Whitney Houston)
"Dreamlover" (Mariah Carey)
11. "Football, Feminism and You": Why is Jeff so invested in getting Troy to join the football team?
So he can win a bet he made with Ian that the team would make the playoffs
So Annie will finally make a move on Troy. (She digs football players)
So he can get into games for free
So Dean Pelton will stop using his image on school flyers
12. "Football, Feminism and You": Greendale's mascot is ridiculous. What is it?
The Amoebas
The Human Beings
The Shotguns
The Pubic Hairs
13. "Introduction to Statistics": Annie hosts a Day of the Dead party. She confuses Day of the Dead with what name?
Mexican Halloween
All Saint's Day
La Lucha Libre
14. "Introduction to Statistics": What does Britta dress up as?
A cat
A cowgirl
A squirrel
The kid from Where the Wild Things Are
15. "Home Economics": Living with Abed, Jeff remarks happily that over the course of 24 hours, he managed to spend just _____.
A dime
A quarter
A dollar
Five dollars
16. "Home Economics": Here's hoping he makes a return appearance. Patton Oswald makes a quick cameo as a school employee in what department?
Craft services
Student health
17. "Debate 109": Through his movies, Abed predicts that Shirley will get chased down by _____.
A dog
A werewolf
A bear
Senor Chang
18. "Debate 109": What's the best complement that Greendale's sports department gets?
That the athletes on the women's swim team are so muscular that they look like men
That the chess team is simply unbeatable
That the bowlers are pansier than the tennis players
That its basketball team is really gay
19. "Debate 109": What does Jeff get for joining the debate team?
A plumb parking space
An A in the class of his choice
An extended lunch period
20. "Environmental Science": The group nominates Jeff to talk some sense into Senor Chang after he assigns a _____-page paper in Spanish class.
21. "Environmental Science": Abed and Troy are on the run for a _____ for seemingly the entire episode.
22. "The Politics of Human Sexuality": Pierce brings a date to Annie's STD fair. What's her profession?
She's a stripper
She's a prostitute
She's a news achor
She's a professor at Greendale
23. "The Politics of Human Sexuality": After an eye opening night, Jeff modifies how Britta's name appears in his cell. Instead of _____, it now just says Britta.
Cutie in the Corner
Blonde Boobies
Hot Blonde Spanish Class
Angry Blonde Bitch
24. "Comparative Religion": A guest star to Community bullies Jeff. Who?
Emilio Estevez
Charlie Sheen
Joshua Jackson
Anthony Michael Hall
25. "Comparative Religion": Through hosting a Christmas party, Shirley learns that each of her friends comes from a different religious background. Who's the Jehovah's Witness?

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