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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons, Season 3
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1. In "Stark Raving Dad", when Carl and Lenny make fun of Homer for wearing a pink shirt, he says "just because I'm wearing a pink shirt doesn't mean" what?
He doesn't eat pork chops
He's some kind of pink doughnut eater
He's a fan of the Village People
He likes wearing pink shirts
2. In "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington", what is the title of the winning student's essay?
Red, White and Purple
Cesspool on the Potomac
Pac-Man Fever
3. In "When Flanders Failed", what career did Ned have before opening the Leftorium?
Shoe salesman
Insurance rep
4. In "Bart the Murderer", what is Fat Tony's real name?
Ed Johnson
Anthony Corleone
William Williams
Louis Quimby
5. In "Homer Defined", Barney tells Lisa that if anyone ever says "___ are good honest people, you can spit in their faces for me."
Kindergarten teachers
Carny folk
Meter maids
6. In "Like Father, Like Clown", what is on the marquee of the Temple Beth Springfield, where Rabbi Krustofski works?
"Coping with Christmas"
"How to disown your son"
"Making money"
"Tonight only: The Jazz Singer"
7. In "Treehouse of Horror II", in "The Bart Zone" segment, what is America now called, after Bart's answer on the history test?
Bart World
United States of Get Bent
Eat My Shorts
8. In "Lisa's Pony", what is the name of Lisa's pony?
Bleeding Gums
9. In "Saturday's of Thunder", when taking the fatherhood quiz, what is Homer's answer to the question "what are your son's hobbies?"
"He's always chewing on that phone cord."
"Oh, he always annoys me."
"He beats up that four-eyed kid."
"He likes to watch Steve McQueen movies."
10. In "Flaming Moe's", what name does Bart ask for in his prank call to Moe's Tavern that ends up backfiring?
Bea O'Problem
Hugh Jazz
Jacques Strap
Mike Rotch
11. In "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk", what is NOT among the safety problems the new German owners find at the plant?
Cracked tower with nuclear material flowing out
Raccoons in an electrical box
Man on fire in the cafeteria
A floor that collapses
12. In "I Married Marge", what position does Homer one day aspire to get at the miniature golf place?
The guy who turns the crankshaft of the windmill
The guy who fishes out the balls from the pond
The guy who dresses as a clown
The guy who hands out the putters
13. In "Radio Bart", what song replaces "We're Sending Our Love Down the Well" on the top of the charts?
"How Many Days Until Bart Croaks"
"I Do Believe We're Naked"
"Die, Die, Die"
"Your Wife Don't Understand You But I Do"
14. In "Lisa the Greek", where in the Bible does Homer tell Lisa it says gambling is okay?
"Somewhere in the back."
"In the chapter by one of those preachy guys."
"I, uh, don't remember. I'll look it up later."
"Right before it says stealing cable is okay."
15. In "Homer Alone", what question does Homer NOT ask Marge as her train pulls away from the station?
"Where's my clean underwear?"
"How do I use the pressure cooker?"
"How often should I change Maggie?"
"Where are you going?"
16. In "Bart the Lover", what is the family's house number listed on the mail Bart receives?
407 Evergreen Terrace
94 Evergreen Terrace
742 Evergreen Terrace
723 Evergreen Terrace
17. In "Homer at the Bat", what misfortune befalls catcher Mike Scioscia?
Overdose of nerve tonic
Thrown in jail
Acute radiation poisoning
Hypnotized into thinking he's a chicken
18. In "Separate Vocations", what profession should Ralph Wiggum be in, according to the results of the vocational test?
Military strongman
Wallet inspector
Salmon gutter
Systems analyst
19. In "Dog of Death", what life-threatening ailment does Santa's Little Helper have?
Accidental ingestion
Brain cloud
Whooping cough
Twisted stomach
20. In "Colonel Homer", what is the name of the county that Lurleen Lumpkin lives in?
Spittle County
Hazzard County
Prairie County
Red County
21. In "Black Widower", who was NOT a nominee for Best Supporting Perfomer in a Children's Program at the Daytime Emmys?
Suckup the Vacuum
Droopy Drawers
Sideshow Bob
22. In "The Otto Show", what causes Spinal Tap to stop the concert early?
The Devil balloon wasn't inflated enough
They got mad that the house lights weren't turned up
A laser hits the singer in the eye
Water on the floor of the stage
23. In "Bart's Friend Falls in Love", in Lisa's dream about Homer's funeral, what does Marge wish they had never invented?
Pork rinds
Fried cheese
Quadruple cheeseburgers
24. In "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?", what is the first volume of the "Great Books of Western Civilization" that Lisa receives from Herb?
Ethan Frome
Encylopedia Brown
Catcher in the Rye

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