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How Well Do You Know: Supernatural, Season 5
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1. In the season premiere, "Sympathy for the Devil," the brothers meet Becky, who is an avid fan of the Sam and Dean comics. When we meet her, she is in the middle of writing an erotic fanfic. Who are the characters involved?
Sam and Ruby
Dean and Bobby
Sam and Dean
Ruby and Meg
2. In episode 2, "Good God, Y'all", we discover that a familiar object is actually a God beacon. What is the object?
Dean's necklace
the Impala
Sam's cell phone
the Colt
3. In Episode 3, "Free to Be You and Me", Sam gets a surprise visit from someone who is dead. who is it?
His mother
His father
4. Dean is sent five years into the future to see what will happen if he doesn't agree to be St. Michael's vessel, in "The End". He discovers that the world has been ravaged by an epidemic of what?
Croatoan virus
Black oil virus
H1N1 flu
5. "Fallen Idols", features wax figures of famous people who come to life and attack their fans. Which of these famous people is not included?
Paris Hilton
Abraham Lincoln
James Dean
Princess Diana
6. A young boy, who turns out to be a human-demon hybrid, is wreaking havoc in a Nebraska town in "I Believe the Children Are Our Future". What classic practical joke item turns out to be unusually powerful under the demon boy's influence?
Magic ink
Whoopee cushion
Joy buzzer
Blood soap
7. In "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester", the Winchesters and Bobby play poker for unusual stakes. What are they using for currency?
Years of life
Supernatural powers
Sky miles
8. In "Changing Channels", the brothers are trapped by the Trickster in a world of TV shows. Sam finds himself starring in TV commercial for medication for what disorder?
Genital herpes
Erectile dysfunction
9. The show's writers poke fun at crazy fans in "The Real Ghostbusters". Sam and Dean try to lure out some ghost boys by having an actress pose as a ghost mother. What alerts the boys that she's a fake?
She bumps into a chair
Her image shows up in a mirror
She takes a drink of water
Her cell phone goes off
10. In "Abandon All Hope", the Winchesters, Castiel, Ellen, and Jo go in search of the Colt. When they arrive in Carthage, Missouri, the town seems to be abandoned. However, Castiel says the town is filled with
11. In "Sam, Interrupted", the Winchesters deliberately get themselves admitted to a mental hospital. As usual, they use rock musician aliases. What famous brothers do they pose as this time?
Noel and Liam Gallagher
Tom and John Fogerty
Eddie and Alex Van Halen
Chris and Rich Robinson
12. Sam unwillingly switches bodies with Gary, a 17 year old geek, in "Swap Meat". Gary is practicing witchcraft to rebel against his parents' plan for him. What's the plan?
Become a preacher
Go to law school
Go to MIT
Get a football scholarship
13. Sam and Dean travel back in time to save their parents in "The Song Remains the Same". Who possesses John Winchester's body and tries to convince Dean to accept his destiny?
Archangel Michael
14. Sam and Dean travel back in time to save their parents in "The Song Remains the Same". Who possesses John Winchester's body and tries to convince Dean to accept his destiny?
Archangel Michael
15. Cupid wreaks havoc in "My Bloody Valentine", but the Winchesters discover that the town is really under the influence of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Which one?
16. In "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid", Bobby's dead wife Karen comes back. What domestic task is she obsessed with?
Baking pies
Mopping the floors
Doing laundry
Making breakfast
17. Sam and Dean land in Heaven after being shot and killed, and Castiel tells them they have to find their road through heaven. What does their road look like?
Paved with good intentions
Yellow brick
Two lane asphalt
A roller coaster
18. Sam and Dean stumble across an entire town full of hunters in "99 problems". The local pastor's daughter appears to be a prophet, but in fact she's the Whore of Babylon. Who does she persuade the townspeople to kill?
The pastor
19. The Winchesters' half brother Adam returns for "Point of No Return", in which the angels recruit him to take over what role?
Whore of Babylon
Michael's vessel
Lucifer's Vessel
20. Sam and Dean think they're checking into a regular motel in "Hammer of the Gods", but it turns out to be a convention of Pagan Gods. Archangel Gabriel is there, pretending to be which Norse God?
21. In "The Devil You Know", Sam meets Brady, the head of a pharmaceutical company who is also a minion of Pestilence. It turns out they knew each other in the past. What did Brady do, years ago?
Turned Sam to the dark side
Convinced Sam to go to law school
Convinced Sam to go to Stanford
Introduced Sam to his girlfriend Jessica
22. Crowley discovers in "Two Minutes to Midnight" that Pestilence has a plan to spread the Croatoan virus all over the US by disguising it as what?
Vitamin B12 injections
Tamiflu pills
Swine Flu vaccine
Chicken Pox vaccine
23. The season finale culminates in a showdown between Archangel Michael (in Adam's body) and Lucifer (in Sam's body). At the end of the fight, who descends into Hell?
Sam and Adam
Sam alone
Adam and Castiel
24. What item(s) are the key to opening the gates of Hell?
The rings of the Four Horsemen
Dean's necklace
The Impala
The Colt
25. Dean's had many women in his life, but at the end of the season, he goes to one of them and tells he she is the one he wants to have a normal life with. Who is she?

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