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How Well Do You Know: Sweet Home Alabama
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Sweet Home Alabama quiz

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Great job Kelly!
blondebabe1786 9/21/09 10:28 am


1. Melanie Carmichael is an up-and-coming ___________ in NYC.
fashion designer
Broadway musician
2. Melanie is dating Andrew Hennings, the son of:
a NY senator
a Hollywood actress
talk show host
the mayor of NYC
3. Andrew proposes to Melanie:
in the back of the limo on the way to a political charity event
at Tiffany's after-hours
in the airport terminal on his way out of town
backstage after her fashion show
4. Mel goes home to Alabama for the first time in 7 years to
ask her parents to pay for the wedding
attend her 10-year high school reunion
obtain a divorce from hubby #1
be a bridesmaid in her cousin's wedding
5. What is the name of Melanie's hometown?
Pigeon Creek
Rock Springs
Union Springs
6. Andrew's mother Kate, upset that her son is marrying someone she considers to be "beneath him", tries finding out bits and pieces of Melanie's mysterious past by reading an article on her in:
W Magazine
Interview Magazine
7. Jake's past and present dogs are named after:
a former US president
a rock star
cartoon characters
a college football coach
8. Melanie's childhood nickname back in AL was:
Smelly Melly
Felony Melanie
9. As a result of her not-so-happy reunion with Jake, Mel winds up imprisoned when he reminds the sheriff of an old warrant relating to what?
dumping a tractor in a fish pond
stealing a pack of gum from the Piggy Wiggly
breaking and entering into the bank
streaking across the football field
10. Melanie's parents are named:
Ray and Mae
Earl and Pearl
Dan and Ann
Ben and Jen
11. Earl is excited to show Melanie the new "toy" he has at the house. What is it?
a computer
a riding lawn mower
a reclining chair
a Tivo
12. Mel crashes Jake's date at a local bar. The bar's owner is:
Jake's mother
Mel's mother
Jake's father
Mel's father
13. A drunken Melanie does all but what while at the bar?
outs her gay friend
pukes in Jake's truck
informs the bar patrons that she was pregnant when she married Jake, but later miscarried
berates an old friend for comparing her fashion designs to Jaclyn Smith's
14. There's a reason that Andrew's mother can't find any information for a "Melanie Carmichael" in the town. Why is that?
She is not from Pigeon Creek.
"Carmichael" is her married name sand she was still registered in town by her maiden name.
Kate is spelling Mel's name incorrectly.
Melanie's last name is Smooter, not Carmichael.
15. Mel's plans to leave AL after sending in her divorce papers are thwarted by the arrival of:
her grandparents, wanting her to call of the wedding
her divorce lawyer, trying to amend the divorce papers she no longer has
the mayor's aide, posing as a NY Post reporter
her boss, wanting her to put on a fashion show in AL
16. Mel and Jake have a heart-to-heart about the past in:
the coondog cemetery
his mother's bar
his plane
the center of town during the festivities/fair
17. Mel's childhood antics involved accidentally blowing up the bank. What is the name of the cat that ran into the bank with dynamite strapped to its back?
18. Jake's business is named:
Deep South Glass
Sweet Home Alabama
Perry & Sons
19. The "sculptures" being sold at Jake's business are created when lightning hits what object?
20. Melanie and Andrew's wedding takes place at:
the Carmichael Estate
the mayor's residence in NY
her parents' back yard
Deep South Glass
21. Mel's lawyer, Mr. Buford, finally gets a hold of her as she's walking down the aisle to inform her that:
Jake signed the divorce papers as "Fred Flinstone" so the divorce is not legal
the divorce will not be legal for another 8 weeks
Jake signed the papers but she did not
he doesn't think she should be marrying Andrew
22. Who gets knocked out at the wedding reception?
Andrew's mother
Melanie's father
Billy Ray
23. Where does Melanie and Jake's reunion take place?
Deep South Glass
her NYC apartment
the site of their wedding
the beach where they first kissed as children
24. During the closing credits we see that Andrew finds happiness too - his wedding announcement shows he has married a member of what family?
25. Only one scene in Sweet Home Alabama was actually filmed in Alabama. The majority of the movie was filmed in what state?
South Carolina

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