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How Well Do You Know: Hellboy
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1. What was the name of Hitler’s top assassin?
Wilhelm Klink
Karl Ruprect Kroenen
Johann Sebastian Bach
Joseph Goebbels
2. What was the name of the poject that brought Hellboy to Earth?
Project Ragnarok
Project Super-Soldier
Project Blue Book
The Dharma Initiative
3. Who was the creator of Hellboy the comic?
Frank Miller
Jack Kirby
Kelly Jones
Mike Mignola
4. Who was the mad Russian priest that was the main villain?
Pavel Chekov
Vladimir Bierko
Grigori Rasputin
Susan Ivanova
5. What was the name of the section that FBI agent Tom Manning is heading to?
Section 8
Section SD-6
Section 41
Section 51
6. In 1938 Hitler acquired what item that increased his power tenfold?
The Holy Grail
The Ark of the Covenant
The Spear of Longinus
The Spear of Destiny
7. In 1943 President Roosevelt decides to fight back by creating which government agency?
The Bureau of Paranormal Defense
The Tennessee Valley Authority
8. According to the movie what year did Hitler finally die?
9. What is Hellboy’s favorite food?
Eggs Benedict
10. While on a mission what were Hellboy’s and Abe’s codenames?
Red and Blue
Horns and Water
Tenspeed and Brownshoe
White and Black
11. Selma Blair plays the love interest of Hellboy. What’s her character's name?
Selina Kyle
Liz Sherman
Sydney Bristow
Jessica Drew
12. How does Liz take her coffee?
Cream and sugar
Milk and cream
Mocha soy latte with a shot
13. Who was the Seed of Destruction?
Sammael the Hellhound
The Gatekeeper
Dr. Chanard
14. What’s the reason Abe Sabien keeps on risking his life on these missions?
Fine wine and cheese
Hookers and crack
Rotten eggs and the safety of mankind
Free comic books and steak
15. Karl Ruprect Kroenen suffered from what addiction?
Drug addiction
Surgical addiction
Credit card addiction
Alcohol addiction
16. Liz Sherman likes to do what for a hobby?
Collect comics
Shop for shoes
Polaroid photography
Spoon collecting
17. What is Liz Sherman’s code name?
Live Wire

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