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How Well Do You Know: Young Frankenstein
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1. Who comes to inform Frederick Frankenstein of his inheritance?
Herr Rubenstein
Herr Epstein
Herr Bernstein
Herr Falkstein
2. What type of creature does the medical student mention as having shown voluntary movement after being preserved in alcohol?
3. What causes Frederick Frankenstein to dismiss his class?
The bell rings
The students start throwing spitballs
He stabs himself in the leg with a scalpel
He stabs the nosy medical student in the eye with a scalpel
4. What does Frederick call his great-grandfather Victor’s work?
The ravings of a lunatic
A fairytale invented to frighten Bavarian children
The misguided vision of a scientific genius
5. What does Frederick mistakenly take as a strange endearment when bidding Elizabeth farewell at the train station?
Taffeta darling
Silk beloved
Velvet sweetheart
Lace dearest
6. Which song is parodied when Frederick’s train arrives in Transylvania?
City of New Orleans
Crazy Train
Folsom Prison Blues
Chattanooga Choo-Choo
7. What relationship does Igor claim with Frederick?
His great-aunt married one of Frederick’s cousins
His grandfather used to work for Frederick’s grandfather
His sister-in-law is one of Frederick’s students
Frederick’s mother was Igor’s father’s second wife
8. What do the horses do every time someone says “Frau Blücher”?
9. How does Frederick discover his grandfather’s lab?
He finds a map of the castle
He hears violin music and follows it
Igor tells him where it is
Trick question; Frederick always knew the location of his grandfather's lab
10. What does Frederick tell Inga to do after they find the door to the secret passage?
Unbutton her nightgown
Sing Yankee Doodle Dandy
Put the candle back
Do an interpretive dance set to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
11. What is the title of the book Frederick finds in his grandfather’s lab?
Making a Monster in Ten Easy Lessons
Playing God the Frankenstein Way
How I Did It
Mary Shelley: Fact or Fiction?
12. What does Inga posit the Monster will have?
An enormous schwanzstüker
A winning personality
Beautiful. wavy blond hair
A lovely singing voice
13. Whose brain is Igor instructed to get from the brain depository?
Albert Einstein
Rupert Murdoch
Hans Gruber
Hans Delbruck
14. Whose brain does Igor tell Frederick he actually got?
Pauly Shore
Abby Normal
Abby Hoffman
George W Bush
15. What does the Blind Hermit tell the fleeing Monster he was going to make?
Cherries Jubilee
16. What does Inspector Kemp say is an ugly thing?
A riot
The Monster
Frederick’s tie
The new village logo
17. What now-classic bit nearly didn’t make it into the film because Mel Brooks wasn’t sure it was funny?
The Monster having dinner with the Blind Hermit
The little girl and the Monster playing near the lake
The horses’ reaction every time someone said “Frau Blücher”
The song-and-dance number
18. What did Mel Brooks discover that provided Young Frankenstein with a more authentic look?
Boris Karloff’s original costume
The score for the original film
The original lab sets
The original director in a cryogenic state
19. Which song do Frederick and the Monster perform at the scientific forum where the Monster is presented?
Putting on the Ritz
God Save the Queen
Smoke on the Water
She Blinded Me with Science
20. Madeline Kahn’s appearance in the final sequence is an homage to which film?
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Bride of Frankenstein
The 1931 version of Dracula
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

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