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How Well Do You Know: Uncle Buck
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Uncle Buck quiz

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1. The family in the movie, the Russells, moved from what city to the suburbs of Chicago?
St. Louis
2. Buck’s girlfriend, Chanice, owns what kind of business?
Paint store
Hardware store
Tire store
Pizza place
3. Why do Cindy and Bob have to unexpectedly go to Indianapolis?
Cindy’s dad had a heart attack
Bob had a client invite him to the Indianapolis 500
A surprise birthday party for Cindy’s college roommate
heir old summer house was ransacked
4. How is Buck related to the family?
He is Bob's brother
He is Cindy's brother
He is married to Cindy’s sister
He’s a family friend they just call “Uncle”
5. What’s the other word for “balls”?
6. What famous Chicago landmark does Buck live across the street from?
Sears Tower
Wrigley Field
Buckingham Fountain
Lincoln Park Zoo
7. Which of these is NOT something that’s wrong with Buck’s car?
Shocks are bad
Smoke belches from tail pipe
Headlight is broken
The car backfires
8. What is Miles’ record for consecutive questions asked?
9. Which of these is NOT a question Miles asks Buck during his “interrogation”?
Where do you live?
Do you have kids?
What do you do for a living?
How much money do you make?
10. What is Tia’s boyfriend’s name?
Death Angel
11. Which of these items is NOT in the first school lunch Buck packs for Miles?
Gummi bears
Milk in a mayonnaise jar
Overripe banana
12. The neighbor across the street, Marcie Dahlgren-Frost, says there is something special about her name. What is it?
She was never married to anyone named Frost and she just made it up
She gets compliments on the hyphen
Her initials are M.D. and she’s also a doctor
Her full name is Marcie Smith-McElroy-Summers-Dahlgren-Frost
13. When Buck makes Miles his birthday breakfast, what is special about the pancakes?
He puts chocolate chips in them
They are made with whole grain pancake mix
He made them from scratch
They are so big, he has to flip them with a snow shovel
14. What is wrong with Pooter the Clown when he shows up for Miles’ birthday party?
He forgot his makeup
He's drunk
He shows up 4 hours late
He hasn't been paid yet
15. When Buck goes to school to have a conference with assistant principal Ms. Hogarth, what music plays during the beginning and ending of the scene?
Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot
Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
Wild Thing by Tone Loc
Superfreak by Rick James
16. Why does Buck introduce himself to the assistant principal as “Buck Melanoma”?
He is flustered by having to meet with Ms. Horgarth because he was a troublemaker in school
He is distracted by the large growth on Ms. Horgarth’s chin
He doesn’t want her to know his real name
His name really is Buck Melanoma
17. Which of these is something that Maizy is NOT accused of being by Ms. Horgarth?
Teacher's Pet
18. Who are “Minnie” and “Mickie”?
Miles and Maizy’s pet hamsters
Two people Buck knows from the bowling alley
Buck’s pet names for Chanice’s boobs
Two kids from the neighborhood
19. Buck goes to a party looking for Tia. What is taken from him at the party?
His hat
His overcoat
His car
His wallet
20. How does Buck open the bedroom door where Bug is supposedly taking advantage of Tia?
Uses a key he got from the homeowner
Picks the lock
Drills through the lock
Uses the old credit card trick
21. What surprise does Buck have for Tia after he picks her up as she’s walking down the street?
He takes her for ice cream
Bug is in the trunk
He gives her a ticket to a Chicago Cubs game
He tells her that her parents are at their house
22. How does Buck get knocked unconscious back at the Russell house?
A bowling ball falls on his head
He knocks the pans down in the kitchen
He slips on a banana peel
He gets hit in the head by a door because he’s eavesdropping
23. Several years later (11 to be exact), Jean Louisa Kelly (Tia) was a co-star in a fairly popular CBS comedy named:
Still Standing
Yes, Dear
The King of Queens
24. The success of this film spawned a short-lived TV series of the same name. Who played Uncle Buck in this series?
John Candy
Kevin Meaney
Ed O'Neill
John Goodman
25. What was the name of the movie John Candy was filming when he had his fatal heart attack at the age of 43?
Wagons East
Cool Runnings
Canadian Bacon

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