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How Well Do You Know: There Will Be Blood
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There Will Be Blood quiz

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1. Unlike his previous films, Paul Thomas Anderson’s film, which he also wrote, was not original. The book upon which There Will Be Blood is based was called Oil! Who was that book’s author?
Sinclair Lewis
Upton Sinclair
Charles Dickens
Gertrude Stein
2. Anderson had always intended, or hoped, for Daniel Day-Lewis to star as the main character of There Will Be Blood. After the fact, it was revealed that Day-Lewis, normally a notoriously finicky actor, was such a fan of one of Anderson’s previous films that just asking him to be in the film was enough incentive. Which film did Day-Lewis so love?
Hard Eight
Boogie Nights
Punch-Drunk Love
3. The character of Eli Sunday is the main antagonist in There Will Be Blood. The actor who plays him in the film, Paul Dano, wasn’t always meant to play such a big role. What is the name of the actor who filmed scenes as Eli before leaving the film?
Kel O’Neill
Emile Hirsch
Topher Grace
Shia LaBeouf
4. As always, the score to There Will Be Blood is uniquely odd, strange, and off-putting while also sounding beautiful. However, none of the previous composers on Anderson’s films showed up here; instead, a member of a very popular band hailing from the United Kingdom is this film’s composer. Name the band.
5. The opening sequence of There Will Be Blood is well-known for featuring no audible dialogue, aside from a few grunts and mutters. Approximately how long does it take for there to be dialogue in the film?
10 minutes
15 minutes
20 minutes
25 minutes
6. The main character of the film, Daniel Plainview, ends up becoming a surrogate father to the baby of a man who works with him in his first oil business. How does Daniel end up being this child’s father?
The baby’s father is killed in a work-related accident.
The baby’s father disappears.
The baby’s father gives Daniel the child.
The baby’s father is killed by Daniel in a fit of rage.
7. What comedian has a quick cameo early in There Will Be Blood as a citizen of a town that has recently found oil underneath the ground?
Patton Oswalt
David Cross
Bob Odenkirk
Paul F. Tompkins
8. We first meet Fletcher, played by Ciaran Hinds, when Eli Sunday’s brother, Paul, shows up to tell Daniel about the oil in his hometown. What is Fletcher’s official job title?
Drill Expert
Head of Construction
We never find out his job title.
9. What is the fake reason for Daniel and H.W. showing up at the Sunday ranch?
They are hunting for quail.
They are looking for a secluded place to live.
They are looking for a nearby church.
They are hunting for deer.
10. How much does Daniel initially offer to Abel and Eli Sunday for buying their ranch?
$5 an acre
$6 an acre
$7 an acre
$8 and acre
11. What is the name of Eli’s church?
The Church of the Weeping Mother
The Church of the Honest Man
The Church of the Third Revelation
The Church of the Good Heart
12. Though it is situated in California, the town where Daniel finds his biggest oil find has a decidedly quirky name. What is it?
Little Chicago
Little St. Louis
Little Dallas
Little Boston
13. Paul Thomas Anderson has shown in each of his movies that he does love having comedians around. Aside from Paul F. Tompkins, who is the Saturday Night Live writer and performer who shows up as Al Rose in There Will Be Blood?
Al Franken
James Downey
Tom Davis
Greg Daniels
14. When the oil finally shoots up out of the ground in Little Boston, something tragic happens. What is it?
Daniel breaks his leg.
Eli is killed by the blast of oil.
H.W. goes deaf by being too close to the oil blast.
Daniel falls into a coma.
15. There Will Be Blood won 2 Academy Awards at the 2007 ceremony, but was nominated for more. Which of these people who worked on the film was not nominated?
Paul Thomas Anderson
Robert Elswit
Daniel Day-Lewis
Jonny Greenwood
16. In what city does H.W. attend a school for the deaf?
San Francisco
San Diego
Los Angeles
17. Right before H.W. goes away, Daniel is visited by his estranged brother, Henry. How does Henry introduce himself?
“I’m your bro, dude!”
“I’m here to take half of what you have!”
“I’m your brother from another mother.”
“I’m your big brother, so I run the business now.”
18. What is the question that Henry cannot answer, proving to Daniel that the man is not really his brother?
Where was the Peachtree dance?
What is the name of the farm behind the Hill House?
What is the name of our father?
What is the name of our hometown?
19. What is the name of Daniel’s hometown?
Green Bay
Fond Du Lac
20. There Will Be Blood takes place over a long period time during the first half of the 20th century. Which of the following years does the story not take place in?
21. In the final scene of There Will Be Blood, Daniel Plainview utters the memorably weird line, “I drink your milkshake!” As crazy as it seems, that line is based in a real-life event, when a politican used a metaphor of drinking a milkshake to explain drainage of oil. What was that politician’s name?
Albert Fall
Woodrow Wilson
Calvin Coolidge
Herbert Hoover
22. What is the final line of There Will Be Blood?
“I’m done.”
“I’m finished.”
“I’m ready.”
“I’m here.”
23. Why does Eli agree to shout the words “I am a false prophet. God is a superstition”?
He wants Daniel to get baptized.
He wants his payment for the Church of the Third Revelation.
He wants Daniel to invest in a new oil well in Little Boston.
He wants to help H.W. start a new oil business.
24. Who convinces Daniel Plainview to become baptized?
25. What company does Daniel make a deal with for his oil wells?
Union Oil
Standard Oil
United Oil
National Oil

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