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Final Destination quiz

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I got 24/26, More than I expected because some question were a littel bit difficult to remember
angeltears295 9/6/09 7:27 pm


1. A montage of the items in Alex’s room is shown under the opening credits. What item does the audience see first?
A St Christopher medal
A Dia de los Muertos figure
A dreamcatcher
A Buddy Holly poster
2. What’s the name of the high school the group bound for France attends/teaches at?
Rancho Alamitos
Mt Abrams
3. What is the brand name of Alex’s clairvoyant fan?
I don’t know, but I’d sure like one that predicts lottery numbers
4. What is the significance of Rocky Mountain High??
The singer/composer went to Mt Abram high school
It’s the most popular song for airport Muzak systems
Nothing, really; the director just really likes that song.
The singer/composer died in a plane crash
5. What atmospheric occurrence indicates Death has come to take back one that belongs to it?
Snow falls
Rain falls
A gentle breeze wafts by
It gets really cold
6. The first of our survivors to be reclaimed by Death is Todd. How does he die?
He’s crushed to death when the deck he’s helping his father build collapses on him.
He kills himself with a drug overdose.
The fixture for the lingerie-drying line pulls out of the wall, wraps around his neck and hangs him.
He tries to have a bowel movement and explodes.
7. What was the name of Clear’s dog?
8. Tony Todd, playing the aptly-named undertaker, Bludworth, is part of what highly-successful horror franchise?
The Halloween series
The Nightmare on Elm Street series
The Candyman series
The Star Wars series
9. Bludworth shares his understanding of his (apparently) close friend, Death, with Alex and Clear. What words of wisdom does he impart to them?
In death, there are no accidents, no coincidences, no escapes.
They’re actually already dead, but they won’t stop wandering until they figure this out.
Death’s a cool guy, once you get to know him.
Only eat boneless chicken so you don’t choke.
10. How many times does Billy avoid Death?
Wait; which one's Billy again?
11. Teri is the next of our survivors that Death gets its bony fingers on. How does she die, and what about it freaks out the remaining survivors?
At a wake the survivors organize, she eats chicken with the bone in and chokes to death.
When they all run into each at the local Starbucks, she spontaneously combusts.
Seeing Alex with the others, Carter tries to run over him and accidentally kills her instead.
She’s obliterated by a bus just after walking away from them, anointing them with her blood.
12. Alex’s challenge, as articulated by Bludworth, is:
Figure out Death’s new design for him and the other survivors.
Learn to live each day to the fullest, as Death may come at any time.
Convince people he really can see the future and make a fortune.
Take a correspondence course in art with the school that advertises on matchbook covers.
13. What is the NTSB’s reported theory on the cause of the crash?
There was a malfunction in the mechanism that raises and lowers the ailerons.
The fuel line under the Coach cabin catches fire and causes the plane’s fuel tanks to explode.
Last time the plane was washed, the duct tape protecting the pitot tubes was never removed.
Liquid oxygen tanks in the cargo hold that should have been empty weren’t and they exploded.
14. Alex becomes mesmerized by the news report on this theory. What specifically draws his attention and why?
He did a science fair project on liquid oxygen, and the other survivors were all involved.
The town’s main employer makes the aileron parts that failed; all the survivors had worked there.
The taped pitot tubes correspond with the seats of the survivors, and so far they’re dying in order.
Alex “sees” Death’s design for them in the graphic of the fire’s path under the Coach seats.
15. After Valerie Lewton sees Alex in front of her house and the FBI takes him in, she calms her nerves by putting on some music. What’s the title of the album she chooses, proclaiming it “Mom’s favorite”?
Buddy Holly's Greatest Hits
Garden Party
John Denver's Greatest Hits
Photographs and Memories
16. The FBI search for Alex after Valerie Lewton’s death prevents him from going home. Clear avoids the FBI tail by having Carter and Billy meet her at the victims’ memorial. She tells them they have to find Alex, and that Carter and Billy need to come, too. How does she convince them to accede?
She tells them Alex knows which of them is next.
She tells them Todd, Teri and Valerie Lewton would want them to help each other.
She tells them that if Alex gets hurt wondering around, friendless and alone, it’ll be their fault.
She tells them if they don’t help her, she’ll kill them.
17. Alex acts on his vision of the torn seatbelt, saving Carter. But the cat still holds these mice by their tails. On whom does Death pounce, and what is the coup de grâce?
Clear. She’s run over by the train trying to save Alex.
Alex. Carter, panicked, grabs Alex in the proverbial death grip, accidentally strangling him.
Billy. He buys it when the train throws a piece of scrap metal from the tracks, decapitating him.
It’s a trick question. This was the endgame, and Alex really has beaten Death.
18. In the aftermath of Carter’s rescue and Billy’s demise, what light dawns on Alex’s benighted mind?
He’s never going to win against Death and he might as well stop trying.
His rescue of Carter caused Death to skip to the next future-corpse in line.
Modes of mechanized transport are inherently evil, so it’s the horse-and-buggy for him.
He should take that art correspondence course the undertaker mentioned.
19. How did Clear lose her parents?
Her parents died in a plane crash on their way to a John Denver concert.
Her father left her mom for another woman, and her mother hung herself.
Her dad was senselessly killed: her mom’s new husband didn’t want kids, so her mom didn't, either.
She forgot where she put them; she’s always been careless with her things.
20. Why does Clear leave the house, venturing out into the thunderstorm and Death’s path?
It’s started raining, and she has clothes drying on the line.
She sees her deceased father, beckoning to her.
A downed power line is throwing sparks, inciting her dog and endangering his life.
She’s gonna go outside in the rain so no one can see her cry.
21. How does Alex get Death to skip Clear?
He pushes her out of the path of a falling tree.
He gives Death a drawing he made of a pirate in exchange for her life.
He challenges Death to a game of chess and wins.
He grabs hold of the power line, allowing her to escape her car before it explodes.
22. The last three survivors finally make it to Paris, but Alex can’t understand why he survived when no one intervened. What’s Carter’s reaction to Alex’s obsession?
He says he’s safe as houses, because by Alex’s own rules, Alex is still next.
He hits Alex upside the head and tells him to knock off the Death talk.
He starts putting the moves on Clear.
I find your ideas interesting and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
23. What happens to make Alex believe Carter’s right?
The strolling troubadour starts singing the French version of Rocky Mountain High.
Death’s harbinger, the non-weather-created breeze, starts to blow around their table.
Startled by a sudden noise, Alex spills his beer on the diagram, obliterating his name.
All of the above.
24. Realizing he’s still at the top of Death’s hit parade, Alex tries to leave and save his friends, but Clear feels the breeze and then the raw emotion when Alex senses Death’s relentless onslaught. Can Clear see Death’s design in time to save her true love?
No; Alex had already snuffed it before she makes the connection.
Yes, she figures it out in the nick of time and once again, Death comes up empty.
No, but we do get a tear-jerking scene of her cradling his lifeless form in her arms. Yuck.
Yes. Turns out Death hates John Denver and the French, so It takes the troubadour instead.
25. After Alex, thanks to Clear’s warning, avoids the approaching bus, the cascade of accidents the careening bus sets off ends with a neon sign breaking off its structural moorings and heads directly towards Alex. Does Death finally complete its design?
Yes; Alex sacrifices himself so Carter and Clear will be safe.
No; Carter saves Alex at the last second, adding he was right and Alex was next.
Yes. It’s been spoiling to take that punk out for making It come up with new designs all the time.
Didn’t Death offing the Rocky Mountain High-ing Frenchman start a non-plane crash-survivors design?
26. You had to ask it, didn’t you, Carter? So it seems that inquiring minds want to know: if Death skipped Alex, then who’s next?
Come on, you know how the game is played: that’s answered in the inevitable sequel.
Aw, man; I hate it when the screen fades to black just as it gets to the good part!
Duh, Carter. You’re next.
Haven’t you been paying attention? Death. John Denver. French. Hate. Kill. Remember?

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