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How Well Do You Know: Blade Runner
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Blade Runner quiz

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1. Blade Runner takes place in Los Angeles, but in what year?
2019 - Killer androids. It could happen.
1992 - It sounded good at the time
2112 - Rush rules, eh?
2010 - I'm still waiting for my flying car.
2. How many escaped Replicants is Deckard originally assigned to hunt down?
3. What type of Replicant is Pris?
Basic Pleasure Model
4. The Voight-Kampff machine is designed to...
Check blood pressure
Measure brain activity
Detect lesbians
Detect replicants
5. What is the motto of the Tyrell Corporation?
Natura Artis Magistra
More Human Than Human
Impossible is Nothing
Who Dares Wins.
6. Officer Gaff (Edward James Olmos) has a curious hobby. What is it?
7. Pris is assigned to make friends with the Toymaker, J.F. Sebastian. But Sebastian has other friends. Where do they come from?
The bar down the street.
His imagination
He grew up with them
He makes them
8. Deckard tracks down Zhora using...
A lock of her hair
A scale from her pet snake
Surveillance video
A tip from a friend
9. Complete the quote:
"I've had people walk out on me before, but not when I was being..."
So charming
Napoleon Bonaparte
Master of my domain
Ten foot tall and bulletproof
10. What is Deckard's badge number?
11. Complete the quote:
"Nothing is worse than..."
Cold sake
Having Vegan Choriomeningitis
Having to take a cold shower
Having an itch you can never scratch
12. J.F. Sebastian has a problem, and I don't mean killer Replicants. What is it?
Methuselah Syndrome
Crohn's Disease
Sickle Cell Anemia
Vegan Choriomeningitis
13. Sebastian has something in common with the Nexus-6 Replicants. What is it?
Evangelical masticulation.
Biomotor disorder
Accelerated decrepitude.
Vegan Choriomeningitis
14. Sebastian and Dr. Tyrell are playing a game, and it helps Roy Batty get to his objective. It is...
15. Complete the quote:
"It's not an easy thing to..."
Say you're sorry
Meet your maker
Fall in love
Be green
16. A passing patrol challenges Deckard: "This sector's closed to ground traffic. What are you doing here?" His response?
Working, what are you doing?
Getting some sleep.
Come on, she said she was 18.
Being green
17. Complete the quote:
"Its not very sporting to..."
Look up during seven up.
Film the New York Jets during practice.
Cheat at cards.
Fire on an unarmed man.
18. Deckard falls in love with Rachael when...
He discovers she's a Replicant
They have a drink together in his apartment.
He kills Zhora
He has a bowl of noodles with Commander Adama
19. Roy expounds, Part I: "Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it?....."
I'm not sure
That's what it is to be a slave.
20. Roy expounds, Part I: "Remember your loss, cherish your love, extol your passion and share your pain otherwise... "
You're a fool
You're a tool
You're more inhuman than human
It will all be lost, like tears in the rain.

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