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How Well Do You Know: Spider-Man
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1. Who was the former WWE and WCW heavyweight champion that portrayed Bone Saw McGraw?
Terry Bollea
Richard Fliehr
Ultimate Warrior
Randy Savage
2. Director Sam Raimi has put an old possession of his into every movie he's made. What is it?
His watch
Bruce Campbell
His 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88
His wife's handbag
3. When Peter was facing Bone Saw McGraw for the first time, what was the name he wanted to call himself?
Blue Beetle
The Human Spider
Tarantula Boy
The Mask
4. What is the name of Peter Parker's love interest?
Gwen Stacy
Mary Jane Watson
Betty Brant
Felicia Hardy
5. Willem Dafoe played what character in Spider-Man?
Harry Osborn
Ned Leeds
Norman Osborn
Flash Thompson
6. Who killed Peter's beloved Uncle Ben?
Norman Osborn
Otto Octavius
Victor Von Doom
Random carjacker who stole the box office take of Peter's wrestling show.
7. What color are Peter's eyes?
8. During Spidey's fight with Green Goblin at the World Unity Party, who is the pop singer?
India Arie
Macy Gray
Britney Spears
9. Who are the creators of Spider-Man?
Michael Chabon and Jack Kirby
Steve Ditko and Stan Lee
Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley
Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld
10. When does Peter first use his spider web?
When he tosses his lunch onto Flash Thompson.
When he has an uncomfortable time in the bathroom.
When he goes to reach for the TV remote.
When he reaches for lamp in his bedroom.
11. What is the name of the newspaper that J. Jonah Jameson runs?
The Daily Planet
The Daily Star
The Daily Bugle
The National Enquirer
12. When Mary Jane moves to New York, what is her first job?
Newspaper secretary
Waitress at a short-order restaurant
Bank teller
Female wrestler
13. Which creator of Spider-Man had a cameo in the movie?
Brian Bendis
Jack Kirby
Stan Lee
Nicholas Hammond
14. How much does J. Jonah Jameson pay Peter for the photos of Spidey?
15. Oscorp was in competition for government contracts with which company?
Quest Aerospace
Wayne Industries
Stark Industries
16. What is the Green Goblin's favorite mode of transportation?
The Bat-Copter
The Goblin-Glider
The Avengers Quinjet
The Blackbird
17. Where does Norman Osborn first "see" the Goblin?
The newspaper
His mirror
On television
Newstime Magazine
18. Who does J. Jonah Jameson trust the most?
His wife
His barber
His priest
19. What kind of cat does Mary Jane call Peter?
20. Aunt May tells Peter that he does too much in his life and that he's not a certain superhero. Who did she mention?
The Scarlet Spider
The Tick

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