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How Well Do You Know: Dan in Real Life
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Dan in Real Life quiz

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1. This is the main source of tension between Dan and his oldest daughter, Jane:
She can't accept her mother is gone
He won't let her drive
He constantly embarrasses her
She doesn't think he's a good father
2. About to leave for vacation, Dan receives this bit of news about his column:
He is being considered for syndication
He may be sued over some of the advice he published
His editor wants him to rename his column
The paper in which he publishes might close
3. Cara, Dan's middle daughter, is not at school as planned when he picks the girls up to leave for vacation. Instead, he finds her here, making out with a "friend" of hers:
A record store
A coffee shop
A hospital waiting room
4. Dan drives this vehicle:
A yellow VW van
A brown sedan
A blue pickup
A red station wagon
5. Arriving at the vacation house, Dan finds that he'll be sleeping in the "special room." What is special about it?
Everyone believes that it's haunted
It gets to be very, very cold
It is where the laundry machine is located
It has livestock running through it
6. Dan meets Marie in this type of store:
A record store
An office supply store
A grocery store
A book store
7. After the meeting in the book store, Dan and Marie share a coffee. From Dan, we learn that his wife:
Died suddenly
Divorced him after he cheated on her
Divorced him after she cheated on him
Divorced him, though they are still good friends
8. Dan tells his siblings that he has met someone....
and they all think it's too soon after losing his wife
and opinion is sharply divided over whether or not he should call her
but no one seems to care at all
and they all encourage him to pursue her
9. Dan's brother Mitch (Dane Cook) calls Marie:
10. Mitch and Marie met:
When he performed surgery on her cat
In a bar
In an exercise class
On a blind date
11. The family divides among gender to compete at:
Hangman puzzles
Crossword puzzles
12. During dinner, Dan embarrasses Mitch by:
Showing that Mitch isn't very smart
Recalling Mitch's long history with various women
Mentioning that Mitch had been in prison
Wrestling him to the floor and pantsing him
13. After the all-family morning exercise session, Mitch and Marie arouse Dan's jealousy by:
Walking hand-in-hand along the bay
Engaging in some rather intense stretching together
Tickling each other
Stripping off each other's clothes
14. Which of the following is not true of the scene in which Marie and Dan are trapped in a bathroom together?
Marie ends up naked in the shower with Dan
One of Dan's daughters is also in the bathroom
The doorknob falls off, trapping them inside the bathroom
Dan escapes through a window onto the roof
15. Dan's parents set Dan up on a blind date with Ruthie Draper. The family all know her (and memorialize her in song) as:
16. On the Dan-Ruthie / Mitch-Marie double-date:
We learn that Mitch and Ruthie used to date
Marie is clearly jealous of Ruthie
Ruthie demonstrates that she is an awful dancer
There is zero chemistry between Dan and Ruthie
17. Cara's make-out friend takes a bus to meet her at the vacation home. What is the boy's name?
18. "Love is not a feeling. It's......"
An ability
An unsolvable problem
The best and worst thing at the same time
A greeting-card sentiment
19. At the family talent show, Dan accompanies Mitch on the guitar as Mitch sings:
Wind Beneath My Wings
Let My Love Open the Door
Sister Christian
Nights in White Satin
20. After the talent show, Marie makes this realization that complicates her relationship with Mitch:
Mitch doesn't respect her
She cannot fit in with such large, close-knit family
Mitch has used lines from Dan's book on Marie
She wants to have children, but Mitch clearly doesn't
21. Prior to crashing his car, how many times was Dan pulled over by the police in the film?
22. After Marie apparently leaves the vacation house, she and Dan have a rendezvous at what type of establishment (before they are caught red-handed by the entire family):
A bowling alley
A library
A coffee shop
A movie theater
23. For most of the time at the vacation house, Dan's youngest daughter tries to give him something. What is it?
A scrapbook of his newspaper columns
A collage
A heart made out of seashells
A CD of her singing
24. Who convinces Dan to go after Marie at the end of the film?
His mom and dad
His daughters
25. As the end credits roll, we see scenes of Dan and Marie's wedding. Which of the following is true?
The scenes took place in a church
Cara's boyfriend Marty is in attendance
Mitch is alone and moping
The ceremony was quite somber

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