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How Well Do You Know: Dude, Where's My Car?
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Dude Where's My Car? quiz

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1. One fine morning after too much shibbying, Jesse wakes up with what stuck to his face?
Trivial Pursuit cards
Boston cream pie
gummi dinosaurs
band aids
2. Meanwhile Jesse’s best friend Chester is watching a chimpanzee on TV. Name the chimp.
3. Gene lives with Jesse and Chester, but neither of them seem to know him. Where does Gene live?
the basement
the attic
the couch
the wardrobe
4. Jesse and Chester find the refrigerator and cupboards are fully stocked with:
tinned fruit
instant noodles
5. Jesse and Chester get a call from their twin girlfriends. What phrase do they think is code for ‘sex’?
extra gift
sweet candy
special treats
erotic pleasure
6. On the subject of the twin “girlfriends”, what are their names?:
Wanda and Wilma
Linda and Lana
Mara and Martha
Katherine and Caitlin
7. Jesse and Chester cannot find their car, so they go visit their friend Nelson, who affects speech patterns similar to:
Foghorn Leghorn
The Swedish Chef
8. The phrase ‘and then’ encourages Jesse and Chester to order more:
delicatessen meats
Chinese food
Amway products
cable TV channels
9. Jesse and Chester come across the woman who is el fuego of all that is el fuego. Her name is Christie:
10. At the Kitty Kat Strip Club, Jesse is offered a super special slippery lap dance. What’s the catch?
it costs $500
she kidnaps him
she’s a guy
it’s police entrapment
11. The only space nerd cult member whose name does not start with ‘Z’ is
12. The space nerds, the hot chicks and the totally gay Nordic dudes are very keen on finding:
the space-time mega-inhibitor
the continuum transfunctioner
the dimensional vortex generator
the subatomic deconstructor
13. Fill in the blanks: The continuum transfunctioner is a very _____and _____ device, and its _____ is exceeded only by its _____.
powerful, mysterious, mystery, power
beautiful, dangerous, danger, beauty
secret, horrifying, horror, secrecy
erotic, sensual, sensuality, eroticism
14. Jesse and Chester discover they got tattoos! What do they say?
Jesse – dude, Chester – dude
Jesse – sweet, Chester – dude
Jesse – dude, Chester – sweet
Jesst – sweet, Chester - sweet
15. Stopped at a traffic light, our heroes run into:
16. Chester’s fake name is Johnny Pottsmoker. What is Jesse’s?
M.J. Pottsmith
Smokey McPott
Potts Spliffman
Herby Potter
17. Jesse and Chester’s car has been taken to the impound lot and sold, to:
a tow-truck driver
a Chinese tailor
an ostrich farmer
Neil Patrick Harris
18. The space nerds’ interstellar jumpsuits are made of:
bubble wrap
aluminium foil
Saran wrap
19. At the ostrich farm, Jesse senses something very _______ about this place.
20. What language did Jesse and Chester learned during their night of stupor?
21. The continuum transfunctioner is disguised as:
Jesse and Chester’s car
a Rubik’s cube
jelly beans
a prize from Captain Stu’s
22. On that fateful night, what score did Jesse and Chester get on hole 18 of Captain Stu’s miniature golf course?
a hole in one
a birdie
a double bogey
23. Chester would never have armed the photon accelerator beam if it weren’t for his addiction to:
Trivial Pursuit
Animal Planet
‘medicinal’ marijuana
24. Jesse and Chester get their special treats! What are they?
keychains that say ‘I love you’
coffee mugs with the slogan ‘world’s best boyfriend’
berets with their names stitched on
matching broken heart necklaces
25. Turns out that Jesse and Chester get another special thank-you for saving the universe! What?
erotic pleasure
super-special slippery lapdances
another year’s supply of pudding
necklaces for the twins that make their breasts grow bigger

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