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How Well Do You Know: X-Men
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A few of the questions are not clear. #7 Technically it's a shotgun. #12-13 Senator Kelly is kidnapped by Mystique, but acting under Magneto. He is then turned into a mutant, ends up dead, as well as being impersonated by Mystique. #15 Rogue does not "use" her power on Wolverine; it happens because he touched her. #21 We are told Senator Kelly is dead, however it is implied that Toad and Sabretooth are killed as well. #22 Rogue does not amplify the device; she takes Magnetos place.
amadhatter53 6/8/13 12:13 pm


1. What does Professor Xavier say has allowed mankind to develop from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet?
Hedonistic sex
Quirks of fate
2. One of the most powerful mutants spent time in a concentration camp. Which one?
Jean Grey
Professor Xavier
3. How does Rogue first discover the breadth of her powers?
Her hair develops a white streak.
Her mother, Mystique, tells her.
She accidentally takes flight.
She kisses a boy and accidentally puts him in a coma.
4. Which politician is out to get the X-Men?
Congressman Henry Phillip McCoy
Mayor Joe Quimby
President George W. Bush
Senator Robert Kelly
5. Rogue meets one of the other X-Men in a Canadian fight club. The reigning King of the Cage is...?
Ororo Monroe
6. Which of these arch-villains does not play a major role in X-Men?
Lady Deathstrike
7. In X-Men, what happens the first time that Wolverine bares his claws?
He gets a rifle pointed at his head by a bar owner.
Mystique slaps the taste out of his mouth.
Storm says, 'Someone's compensating.'
Toad licks his face.
8. After Wolverine, who are the first two other X-Men Rogue encounters?
Cyclops and Storm
Cyclops and Jean Grey
Professor Xavier and Cyclops
Storm and Jean Grey
9. One of the X-Men other than Rogue has his first encounter with the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Which one is it?
Kitty Pryde
10. Other than Rogue, who is the first member of the X-Men Wolverine encounters after he awakens?
Jean Grey
Professor Xavier
11. One of the students at the Xavier Institute shows off for Rogue. Who is it?
Kitty Pride
12. Senator Kelly is kidnapped by a mutant. Who pulls off this caper?
13. What act of atrocity does Magneto perpetrate upon Senator Kelly?
Ever seen an episode of Oz?
Kelly is killed and Mystique takes upon his persona.
Makes him listen to a Clay Aiken CD.
The politician is transformed into a mutant.
14. Wolverine impales a mutant midway through the film. Who is it?
Jean Grey (*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*)
15. The first mutant Rogue uses her powers upon is:
Iceman (*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*)
16. A mutant wakes up naked on a beach. Who is it?
Senator Kelly
Storm (Halle Berry gets nude in everything, after all)
Wolverine (Got to show off Hugh Jackman's assets)
17. When Xavier wants to find Rogue, how does he set out to do so?
Cerebro is used to show off most of the film's special effects budget.
Cyclops takes his motorcycle out for a spin. See, he's totally a rebel and not at all a Boy Scout!
He sends Logan and his enhanced sense of smell to track her.
Professor Xavier is a man of action. He's not the sort of guy who would delegate to subordinates.
18. The big action sequence in the middle of the film takes place where?
The Statue of Liberty
Train station
Xavier Institute
19. One of the mutants stops Magneto from killing policemen at the train station. Who is it?
Senator Kelly arrives unexpectedly.
Storm opens up the train station ceiling and drops a lightning bolt on him.
Wolverine breaks free of Magneto's metallurgy skills.
Xavier telepathically manipulates Sabretooth and Toad
20. What does Magneto say to Senator Kelly after the transformation?
I am the master of metal!
Now you are one of us.
Tell Professor Xavier I said hello.
Welcome to the future, brother.
21. During the course of the movie, someone dies. Who is it?
Jean Grey
Senator Kelly
22. Magneto plans to use something or someone as an amplifier for his Doomsday Device. Who or what is it?
Professor Xavier
The Statue of Liberty
23. When Wolverine criticizes the X-Men uniforms, Cyclops asks him if he would prefer what?
Lots of denim
A suit with nipples
A tuxedo
Yellow Spandex
24. What phrase does Wolverine use to verify to Cyclops that he is not Mystique?
Bite me.
I slept with your woman.
With those goggles, how can you see anything?
You're a dick.
25. What are Magneto's final words in the movie?
By any means necessary.
I plan on visiting the Xavier Institute one day soon.
Say what you will about me, at least I'm not bald.

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