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1. Alright, let's get this settled straight away: This quiz is about the theatrical release of the movie "Almost Famous." That means we aren't going to be asking any questions about material covered in the extended edition that's 40 minutes longer. Oh, wait, there is just one question about it. What's the name of that edition of the film?
Stillwater: The Untold Story
Lester Bangs' Extended Cut
Almost Famous: Extended Edition
Untitled: Almost Famous the Bootleg Cut
2. During the credits, which name is initially misspelled before it is erased and corrected?
Frances McDormand
Patrick Fugit
Anna Paquin
Jimmy Fallon
3. Upon catching her daughter smuggling in music near the beginning of the film, whose music is the poetry of drugs and promiscuous sex according to Elaine Miller?
Led Zeppelin
Simon and Garfunkel
Peter Gabriel
The Guess Who
4. What profession did William's mother project he would take up?
Rock Musician
5. Which album will let you see your entire future if you listen to it with a lit candle?
The Beach Boys, "Pet Sounds"
Led Zeppelin, "II"
The Who, "Tommy"
Cream, "Wheels of Fire"
6. While taking notes of what his idol, rock critic Lester Bangs, has to say at the diner, William makes sure to note something very specific about why the rock stars should not become his friends. They will ruin rock and roll forever and turn it into what?
Pop Art
Passion Without Purpose
Culture of Cool
Commercialized Garbage
7. Finding it difficult to get into the show, what one vocabulary word does it take to persuade the band Stillwater to take William Miller under their wing?
8. What city/state is the band Stillwater based out of?
Saint Louis, Missouri
Troy, Michigan
Baltimore, Maryland
Columbus, Ohio
9. Speaking of the world, Penny Lane thinks she needs a new crowd. She asks William if he wants to come. Oh yes, he wants to come. Where are they talking about going?
10. Who explains the romantic situation between Penny Lane and Russell Hammond to wide-eyed, overwhelmed, and no doubt by this point, crushing William Miller as a series of play acts?
Lester Bangs
11. How much is Ben Fong-Torres from Rolling Stone magazine willing to pay William for a story on Stillwater, and initially how many words is the article supposed to be?
1,000 dollars and 3,000 words.
700 dollars and 1,000 words
35 dollars and 1,000 words
He wouldn't say and over 9000 words.
12. What does NOT happen as a result of Russell almost getting electrocuted by the shoddy stage set up in Tempe?
The band trashes the promoters trailer.
Dick is fired as their manager by Jeff
The tour bus crashes through the venue's gate.
Sapphire misses the bus, and runs into a brick wall while delivering a message to William.
13. Hey! Here's another of those fun anti-questions: Penny Lane introduces William to Beth from Denver while he's on the phone with his mother. What IS NOT something we learn about Beth while his mother is able to hear every single word?
She's clairvoyant and she sees William's aura. (It's purple.)
She's got some hydroponic pot.
She's double jointed and extremely flexible.
She'll be staying in William's room.
14. Alright, let's get serious here. What was the ORIGINAL thing that started the fight between Jeff and Russell that eventually leads to Russell looking for "things that are real" in Topeka, Kansas?
Their first band t-shirt leaves everyone but Russell out of focus.
Jeff doesn't approve of Dick being their manager.
Jeff found out that Russell told William he was "beyond them musically."
Russell's looks have become a problem.
15. An easy thing to do would be to ask some mundane question about Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" considering it pretty much is the penultimate moment in the film. Sorry, I'm more interested in you telling me in which order do the characters start joining in SINGING the song?
Ed, Jeff and Polexia, William, Larry, Russell
Larry, Penny Lane, William, Jeff and Polexia, Russell
Jeff and Polexia, Ed, Penny Lane, William, Russell
Penny Lane, Jeff and Polexia, Larry, Dick, Russell
16. What important event happens in Greenville, North Carolina?
Lester Bangs comes to join William to give him advice.
William finally gets his interview with Russell Hammond.
In any other city in the world, William would still be a virgin.
Dick gambles away the Baid-Aids in the Road Manager Poker Party
17. The record company brings someone in to effectively manage the band's current manager. Respectfully, respectfully, respectfully does he suggest?
Letting Russell sing more of the songs.
Adding more dates by using a plane.
Ditching William and the Rolling Stone article.
Go on tour with The Guess Who.
18. It's all fun and games at dinner in New York when William tells the band they're going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. But after the song, Leslie notices Penny Lane stalking the group. Who goes to "talk to her" no doubt telling her to leave?
19. What important event is juxtaposed between scenes of William aiding a drug addled Penny Lane?
Stillwater's New York concert.
Russell and Leslie having sex on the tour bus.
Flashbacks to each of the moments they shared during the tour.
William's unattended Graduation ceremony back home.
20. Following her overdose, the pair spend some time walking around Central Park. What does Penny Lane say her name is?
She still won't say.
Her name IS Penny Lane.
Lady Goodman.
Pennie Trumble.
21. When the band's flight suffers from some violent turbulence, Russell starts singing. What does he sing?
Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever"
Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue"
Chubby Checker's "The Twist"
Elton John's "Mona Lisa"
22. Now that they're faced with probable certain death, everyone starts admitting things. In what order do the admissions occur?
Hit-and-run, Theft, Sexual indiscretions, Love for Leslie, Love for Penny Lane, Homosexuality.
Real Age, Theft, Sexual indiscretions, Hit-and-run, Love for Penny Lane, Love for Leslie.
Theft, Hit-and-run, Love for Leslie, Love for Penny Lane, Sexual indiscretions, Homosexuality.
Theft, Real Age, Love for Leslie, Love for Penny Lane, Homosexuality.
23. In the final phone conversation between William and Lester Bangs, what is the overriding subject that's discussed?
Rolling Stone magazine
The role of Band-Aids in music
How rock music is changing
Being uncool
24. Rolling Stone cuts the article because Russell claims most of it isn't true. However, backstage on the final show of the tour, someone sets him on the right path by telling him that everyone knows what he did to William. Who is so insightful?
Penny Lane
25. When William finally gets his interview with Russell, what is the first question he asks?
Who is "Fever Dog" about?
What do you love about music?
Why did you tell Rolling Stone the story I wrote was untrue?
Why did you break Penny Lane's heart?

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