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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 23: The Job
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. Before his interview with David Wallace, Michael names as his successor:
2. Who approaches Jim and compares the various physical attributes of Karen vs. Pam?
3. What is the address of Creed's blog?
4. Prior to having even been offered the corporate job, Michael took this rather foolish step:
He wrote a scathing letter to the Scranton Small Business Association
Be bought a duplex in NYC
He sold his condo
He sold his Sebring
5. In Dwight's fantasy, he's the co-owner of a bread-and-breakfast with:
Darth Vader
6. Dwight's ideal choice for his second-in-charge would be:
Jason Bourne
James Bond
Jack Bauer
Dick Cheney
7. Michael is alarmed when Jan enters the office. He asks Pam to assemble all of the office women in the conference room, except for:
8. Pam icily says, "I really hope you get the job" to:
9. What is noticeably different about Jan?
She's had a boob job
She has an orange glow from an overabundance of spray tanner
Her hair is much shorter
She has lost a lot of weight
10. During his interview with Andy, which of the following questions does Dwight not ask?
What is the capital of Maine?
What is the best color?
What type of bear is best?
How do you make a table?
11. At the corporate office, Michael relays which message to Jan through Hunter?
Nice headlights
I look forward to working with you
I want to squeeze them
"Honk, honk!"
12. Dwight offers Pam the position of Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager. How does she respond?
Not in a million years
Absolutely, I do
With all my heart
Is a bear Catholic?
13. When David asks Michael his greatest strengths, Michael responds by listing his greatest weaknesses. Which of the following was not included?
I work too hard
People love me too much
I care too much
I can be too invested in my job
14. Dwight's incentive program includes distributing:
Dwight dimes
Schrute bucks
Bronze hearts
Mose money
15. Michael is unpleasantly surprised to learn what about the corporate job?
The job won't be in New York City
It's Jan's job
If he doesn't get the job, he'll be fired altogether
He will not have any salary for a year
16. Stanley says that the ratio of Stanley Nickels to Schrute Bucks is the same as the ratio of:
Fairy dust to pixie sticks
Unicorns to leprechauns
Thingamajigs to whatchamacallits
Martians to cupids
17. When Jan learns she is going to be fired, she bursts into David's office. Who is being interviewed?
18. Dwight begins to paint his (formerly Michael's) office which color?
19. Jim suddenly returns to the office and asks Pam out for dinner as she is:
Washing her much in the break room
Answering the telephone
Talking to the camera
Clearing a jam from the copier
20. Along with a startled "What?" the final words of the episode are:
Sorry, Um, are you free for dinner tonight?
You and I are finished
Don't forget us when you're famous
You're fired

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