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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 21: Women's Appreciation
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. In the pre-credit clip, when Jim enters the office late, Dwight hands Jim:
A tardy slip
A demerit
A written warning
A full disagulation
2. Who was flashed in the parking lot?
3. When Michael finds out about the flashing, Michael's reaction is:
To laugh
To become enraged
To vow revenge
Total ambivalence
4. Speaking to the camera, Michael discloses that he and Jan have a safe word. What is it?
5. In this episode, we start to get the idea that something is *really* wrong with Jan. To encourage Michael to drive to see her after work, she offers him:
A day off
A promotion
That she'll bring another woman along
6. Dwight circulates a memo stating that the women in the office are not allowed to speak to strangers:
Unless they personally know the stranger
Unless they know for a fact the stranger isn't a pervert
Without getting written authorization from Dwight
Without notifying their parents first
7. Karen uses a word to describe Michael's seminar in the conference room, and Michael mistakes the word to be something positive. What is the word?
8. Feeling that he can't have a frank discussion of women's issues in the office, Michael takes the female staff members to:
A hair salon
An ice rink
The mall
A weight-loss center
9. Pam is asked to work with Phyllis to sketch the perpetrator. The drawing looks suspiciously like:
Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
10. While Michael has the women out of the office, the men end up gathering:
In the conference room to watch a baseball game
In the warehouse
In the women's restroom
Around the break room vending machines
11. Discussing role-play with the women, Michael states that Jan has a schoolgirl fantasy, but he says that:
He went to an all-boys school, so he has trouble relating
He doesn't like being the principal
He feels uncomfortable wearing the dress
All she'll let him do is to carry the textbooks
12. In the mall, we see Michael and the women shopping for:
Home owners insurance
13. On the way back from the mall, Meredith's van gets a flat. Who ended up changing the tire?
14. Michael tells Jan he wants to break up:
Via singing telegram
To her face
By leaving a message with her assistant Hunter
On her voice mail
15. Dwight ultimately comes face to face with the suspected pervert:
In the parking lot
In the warehouse
The the women's room mirror
In the conference room

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