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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 20: Product Recall
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. In the pre-credit clip, Jim enters the office dressed as Dwight. What is not part of his costume?
A calculator watch
A mock Deputy Sheriff badge
A short sleeve dress shirt
2. The obscene watermark printed on the Dunder Mifflin paper depicted which two cartoon animals engaged in a sexual act?
A duck and a mouse
A rabbit and a fox
A bear and a deer
A horse and a parrot
3. Michael lays the majority of the blame for the recall at the feet of which of the employees?
4. Michael puts the accountants on customer service duty during the crisis. Who does he assign to train them?
5. Creed ends up transferring blame for the incident to a floor manager at the paper mill. What was the name of the floor manager?
Winston FitzHugh
Archie Taylor
Debbie Brown
John Smith
6. Andy and Jim go to the high school which received some of the paper. We learn that when Andy wants someone to hand him something, he says:
Wing it
Do me
Rip it
Beer me
7. Andy runs into his girlfriend at the high school, where she:
Is a guidance counsellor
Is a janitor
Is the vice-principal
Is a student
8. Dwight gives the lone reporter at the news conference a badge reflecting Level 3 security access. How many levels are there?
9. Creed told Dwight that the floor manager's excuse for missing the spot-check was:
Spring beet crop harvesting
Emergency dentist appointment
Attending the National Grammar Rodeo in Canada
Conducting a secret mission for the CIA
10. Michael presents a client, Mrs. Allen, with a certificate for 6 months or 25 reams of free paper. She wants:
A written apology
12 months or 50 reams
For Michael to record an apology video
Michael's resignation
11. Speaking with the high school principal, Andy suggests a two-word ad in the year book. Before he can specify the two words, Jim jumps in with:
Bite Me
Good Luck
You Rock
Go Cougars
12. What observation did Dwight make about the obscene watermark?
The sex appeared to be consensual
No copyright laws were broken
More detail could be seen if you held the paper to candlelight
The act depicted was only illegal in 35 states
13. Things turn nasty between Michael and the client to whom he's supposed to apologize. As she leaves, he yells at her that he's calling the __________ hotline:
Shrieking Harlot
Ungrateful Be-yotch
Skanky Ho
Ditzy Ditzbag
14. Which is true of the apology video?
It is shot with a US flag as a background
It ends with the ultimatum: "Blood will choke the streets of Scranton"
Michael, Dwight and Angela are involved in the shooting
It was judged to be one of Michael's poorer apology videos
15. Trying to cheer Andy up on the ride back from the school, Jim starts to sing?
Under the Sea
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Unchained Melody

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