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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 19: Safety Training
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. Returning to the office from Anger Management class, Andy wishes to be called:
Dwight's Bitch
2. Dwight is less than excited to see Andy. He uses this tactic in dealing with Andy:
Tough love
3. Part of the Safety Training takes place in the warehouse.
Darryl: "Mike, should you drive the forklift?"
Michael responds:
A kid could
Only in an emergency or if I'm bored
I can and I have
Jan said I could
4. Darryl is on crutches, having hurt his ankle when Michael:
Ran him over with the forklift
Dropped a steel crate on his foot
Crushed his foot in the baler
Kicked a ladder out from under him
5. Toby leads a much less interesting Safety Training session up in the office. Which is not a topic he warns against?
Eye strain
Spontaneously exploding computers
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
6. Throughout the episode, the office staff partake in which activity?
Speaking in pig latin
Convincing Michael that it's two hours later than it actually is
Trying to set Andy off
7. Michael feels bad that Darryl has accused him of having a cushy life, so naturally Michael fakes a suicide attempt. What is the first implement that he employs for his attempt?
A kiddie pool
Pogo sticks
A trampoline
Office chairs
8. What do Michael and Dwight use to test the trampoline?
Baled newspapers
9. Darryl convinces Michael to get off the roof by telling him:
He has a present for Michael
That Jan is on the phone for him
It takes a lot of courage just to be Michael
He looks up to Michael
10. It is revealed at the very end of the episode that the watermelon hit _______ car:

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