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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 18: The Negotiation
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. When Roy enters to mess Jim up, Dwight puts him down with:
His fists
Pepper spray
A taser
His mind powers
2. Which uttering of Michael's has Jan counseled him against using?
That's what she said
3. What other two weapons aside from the pepper spray does Dwight display for the camera?
Maul and battle axe
Nunchucks and throwing stars
Sharpened stake and nail gun
Cherry bomb and bottle rockets
4. Angela gets flushed hearing the staff members recount the details of the Dwight-Roy altercation. Who does not tell her the details in the episode?
5. In the episode, who is bucking for a raise?
6. Which of the following is not a negotiation tactic that Michael picked up from Wikipedia?
Give the person you're talking to lots of back-handed compliments
Declining to speak first
Change the location of the meeting at the last minute
Leaving the room suddenly
7. What is wrong with how Michael is dressed?
He had mustard and ketchup on his suit
He has accidentally cross-dressed
He is wearing a tuxedo silkscreen T-shirt
His tie is tied incorrectly
8. What is the problem with the amount that Darryl is asking for?
It's a 100% increase
It's more than what Michael makes
It's almost as much as Michael makes
It will bankrupt the company
9. For the first time, we meet Jan's assistant, who is named:
10. When Michael and Jan discuss Michael's raise, Toby begins taking notes. He states that he is:
Trying to keep himself from laughing
Making sure the company's interests are protected
Just preparing for the deposition
Beginning Chapter 12 of his book "The Wacky World of Michael Scott"
11. Jim tries to give Dwight a certificate of bravery for stopping Roy. Dwight turns it down, because:
Real heroes are given plaques, not certificates
There is a teddy bear in a policeman's cap in the corner
Jim isn't worth the paper the certificate is printed on
He would have to report the certificate on his taxes
12. Jan wants Michael to ask for a ______ raise so she can counter with a ________
15% / 12%
10% / 5%
25% / 8%
5% / 3%

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