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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 17: Cocktails
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. In the pre-credit scene, Michael attempts to perform which trick he learned at magic camp?
Sawing Dwight in half
Making a rabbit disappear
Escaping from a straightjacket
Making Pam disappear
2. Which of the following is not going to the party at David Wallace's house?
3. Pam invites Roy to happy hour with the rest of the office at:
Poor Richard's
Aldredo's Pizza Cafe
Pizza by Alfredo
4. When he arrives at the party, Michael realizes that there's a problem with how he is dressed. What is the problem?
He is over-dressed
He is under-dressed
He is dressed just like the caterers
His belt doesn't match his shoes
5. What type of dish did Michael bring to the party?
A can of peanuts
Radish Rosettes
Potato salad
He didn't bring anything
6. Before she'll go into the party with Michael, Jan makes him:
Take a vallium
Sign a love document
Swear he'll pretend he doesn't know here
Promise that he won't embarrass her
7. What is the name of David Wallace's wife?
8. Karen yanks Jim's chain during the party by pretending that:
She's extremely drunk
She's embarrassed to be seen with him
She dated serveral people at the party
She has feelings for David Wallace
9. At the office happy hour, we learn that Creed runs what type of business?
A drug ring
Fake ID company
Importing Cuban cigars
10. Looking as if she wants to scold Michael, Jan pulls Michael into which room and attempts to get it on with him?
The garage
A guest bedroom
The cellar
A bathroom
11. During the happy hour, Toby wins what type of item for Pam?
A pink elephant
A yellow duck
A blue giraffe
A red mouse
12. What are the last words of the episode?
Don't ever talk to me again, Michael
Pretty good cocktail party
I couldn't have asked for more
I am gonna kill Jim Halpert

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