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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 16: Business School
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. Michael expects the students to throw their hats when he finishes speaking. He has a great line prepared for this happening, which is:
Put your damn hats back on, I wasn't finished yet. Kidding!
It must have been hard to get it up that quickly. That's what she said
May your hats fly as high as your dreams
I salute you, men without hats!
2. Dwight finds animal stool on the carpet. What type of vermin left the droppings?
A rat
A bird
A chipmunk
A bat
3. Where does Dwight trap the bat?
In the conference room
In Michael's office
Under a trash can
In the break room
4. "There are four kinds of business," Michael states, before starting to list more than four. Which is not a type of business he lists?
Food service
Monster truck rallies
Air travel
5. Pretending that he has been bitten by the bat, Jim pretends to burn himself on:
Garlic bread
Holy water
A cross
6. Michael narrates the process of starting a business by winging what type of object at the class?
Candy bars
Paper clips
Monopoly money
Soda cans
7. "Real business is done on paper. OK? Write that down." What happens?
No one writes it down
All the students make a notation in their laptops
The students start a spit-ball fight
Michael is showered with balled-up pieces of paper
8. Dwight: "I don't have a lot experience with vampires, but I have hunted werewolves. I shot one once. But by the time I got to it, it had turned back into:"
My cousin Mose
A mummy
My neighbor's dog
9. Who does Dwight ask if he has the tools to turn a wooden mop handle into a stake?
10. One of the students tells Michael that Ryan claims:
Michael is *the worst* boss ever
Dunder Mifflin will be out of business within 5-10 years
He is ten times smarter than Michael
Michael will be dead or in jail within 90 days
11. America, Michael claims, is facing five Golliaths. Which is not one of them?
The People's Choice Awards
Global warming
Mercury poisoning
12. Dwight captures the bat by throwing a plastic trash bag over the head of which of the female employees?
13. Which of the following employees does not show up at Pam's art show?
14. Michael ends up buying one of Pam's pictures, a picture of:
A stapler
The office building
A coffee cup
15. Which TV/film director directed this episode?
Joss Whedon
J.J. Abrams
Michael Bay
Jon Favreau

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