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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 13: The Return
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. If you wanted to find Dwight at the beginning of the episode, you wouldn't look at Dunder Mifflin, but rather at this place, where Dwight now works:
Office Max
Office Depot
The Dwight Schrute Paper Company
2. The main source of tension in the episode is Andy's particularly annoying cell phone ring tone, which is four-part harmony of this tune:
Run-around Sue
Daisy Bell
Rockin' Robin
3. "The Return" in the title of the episode could either refer to the eventual return of Dwight at the end of the episode, or to the return of:
Ed Truck
4. Michael notices two things that are no longer done around the office now that Dwight is gone. No one waters the plants and:
Organizes the break room sugar packets according to the difficulty of the trivia on the label
Arranges the toys on his desk in a pleasing manner
Sharpens all of his pencils
Dusts his keyboard
5. At one point in the episode Michael actually hides behind his office door from whom?
6. Michael decides that the office party should be Mexican-themed. Which of the following items does he not suggest to the party planning committee that they procure?
A chihuahua
A burro
7. One of Dwight's new coworkers states, "I don't like him, his ________ or his beady little eyes. That's all I got to say on the matter."
Endless beat stories
Sweaty palms
Giant head
Oily hide
8. Where does Jim hide Andy's cell phone?
In the ceiling
Inside the copier
Under the hood of his car
In Jello
9. Whose confession to Michael prompts Michael to seek out Dwight at his new job?
10. One of Andy's signature moments in the series comes when, enraged that he can't find his cell phone, he punches his hand through a wall. What wall did he hit?
The one next to Pam's desk
The one next to Michael's office
The one in the break room
The one next to Stanley's desk
11. For the party, Ryan prepares "Mexican Lemonade." What makes the lemonade "Mexican"?
Adding vodka
Adding crushed tostada shells
Drawing a tilde over the "n"
Serving it out of a pinata
12. At the end of the episode, Andy is sent to anger management, and Dwight runs through the office:
Hugging everyone
Chasing Angela around, after hours
Destroying pinatas
Blowing kisses, as if taking a victory lap in front of an invisible crowd

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