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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 12: Traveling Salesmen
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. One of the storylines of the episode was that Corporate did not receive a certain type of form on time. What type of form?
Tax forms
Order forms
Performance evaluations
Audit reports
2. How did said forms eventually arrive at Corporate?
Pam faxed them
Michael had them couriered
Dwight drove them
Jim sent them by passenger pigeon
3. When he noted that only he and Karen remained of the Stamford employees, Andy drew a parallel to which children's book?
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Alice in Wonderland
Charlotte's Web
Goodnight Moon
4. Since it was Andy's idea for the salesmen to team up, he gets to choose his partner first. Who does he pick?
5. Which of the following was not one of the pair of sales staff that went forth?
Phyllis & Karen
Stanley & Ryan
Jim & Dwight
Karen & Ryan
6. Michael compared the "competition" among the pairs of the sales staff to which reality show?
The Biggest Loser
The Amazing Race
Big Brother
7. In preparation for their sales call, Phyllis and Karen:
Get makeovers
Put on low-cut blouses
Get drunk
Buy cigarettes
8. Which of the sales staff jams on air guitar as loud music blares in the car, in preparation for the sales call?
9. Which of the teams were successful in their sales call?
Phyllis & Karen only
Andy & Michael and Ryan & Stanley
Phyllis & Karen and Jim & Dwight
Jim & Dwight only
10. Following their sales call, Stanley mocks which word that Ryan used?
11. What did Andy give to Michael that cast doubts on the nature of Dwight's tardiness earlier in the day?
A toll booth receipt
A hand-written note from Jan
A speeding ticket
A coat room claim check
12. What momentous event occurs at the end of the episode?
Jim gets promoted
Andy gets sent to anger management
Dwight resigns
Jim and Karen move in together

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