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How Well Do You Know: Steven Spielberg Trivia, Part I
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Steven Spielberg quiz

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1. Which sweet treat was used to lure the alien in E.T., and was also later marketed as "E.T.'s Favorite Candy"?
M & M's
Hershey's Kisses
Reese's Pieces
2. Spielberg's TV movie Duel is widely cited as a precursor to Jaws. In Duel, Dennis Weaver has to fend off a malicious:
Semi truck
Mountain lion
3. Which Spielberg film was not set during World War II?
Schindler's List
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Saving Private Ryan
4. Spielberg directed the blockbusters:
  1. Jaws
  2. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  3. Jurassic Park
He also directed the sequel for:
None of the above
A and C
B and C
All of the above
5. Updating H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds, Spielberg moved the action to this US state:
New Jersey
6. Bad Hat Harry is a production company started by writer/director Bryan Singer. The name of the company is a reference to which Spielberg film?
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Schindler's List
7. Three of Spielberg's films broke box office records, each becoming the highest-grossing film made at the time. Which did not?
Jurassic Park
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
8. Which animated cartoon made a classic reference to Spielberg's non-union, Mexican replacement, called Senor Spielbergo?
The Simpsons
King of the Hill
South Park
9. "Spielberg is no friend of Israel." These harsh words came from influential Jewish author Jack Engelhard following the release of which of the director's works?
Saving Private Ryan
Schindler's List
10. Tom Hanks' Viktor Navorski was confined to which United States airport in The Terminal?
11. From 1985 to 1989 Spielberg was married to actress Amy Irving. In their 1989 divorce settlement, she received $100 million from Spielberg after a judge nullified a prenuptial agreement written on:
A Hershey bar wrapper
The back of a page from the script of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
A napkin
A prescripton for Valium
12. Fans of the original were dismayed this colorful phrase was edited out of the re-release of E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial:
Penis breath
13. Which of these actors has not starred in a film directed by Steven Spielberg?
Christian Bale
Russell Crowe
Sam Neill
Tom Cruise
14. Spielberg started a production company called Amblin Entertainment. What was the origin of the name?
He didn't want to set down roots at just one studio
It was his childhood favorite comic
It was the name of his first commercially released movie
His first wife Amy Irving thought of it
15. Which of Spielberg's movies is widely considered to be the film that triggered the summer box office release style we have today?
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Raiders of the Lost Ark
16. How many times has Spielberg been nominated as Best Director at the Academy Awards and how many times has he won?
5, 4
6, 2
7, 3
9, 1
17. For which of these cartoons is Spielberg *not* an executive producer?
Pinky and the Brain
Tiny Toons
18. Spielberg directed at least one episode of all of these shows except:
Marcus Welby M.D.
Night Gallery
The Rockford Files
19. What was the name of the short-lived television series produced by Spielberg and Danny Elfman that was itself spun off from another short-lived television series?
Cop Rock
Family Dog
The New Adventures of Beans Baxter
20. For which George Lucas film was Spielberg credited as a second unit/assistant director?
American Graffiti
Star Wars
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
THX 1138
21. Spielberg got executive director and writing credits for The Goonies. Which cast member of that film had been prominently featured in an earlier Spielberg-directed film?
Jonathan Ke Quan
Corey Feldman
Josh Brolin
Martha Plimpton
22. Which film deals with the fortunes of Jamie Graham?
Empire of the Sun
Minority Report
23. Oscar-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski has worked with Speilberg on numerous films. Which of the below did Kaminski not shoot?
Saving Private Ryan
War of the Worlds
Artificial Intelligence: AI
24. Which actress starred in Spielberg's first major studio release?
Nancy Allen
Teri Garr
Goldie Hawn
Was E.T. a chick? What about that shark at Universal Studios?
25. Only three of the movies Spielberg directed in the 1980s failed to make at least $100 million in domestic box office. Which of these is not one of the three?
The Color Purple
Empire of the Sun

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