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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 11: Back From Vacation
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. In the pre-credit clip, as Jim leads a meeting in the conference room, Dwight records the proceedings for Michael. Of course, Jim exploits this. Which of the following is not something that Jim says Dwight is doing?
Taking off his pants
Holding a plastic knife to Stanley's neck
Smoking a joint
Wearing a baby's bonnet
2. With respects to the title of the episode, who was back from vacation?
3. Which of the remaining former Stamford employees quit while Michael was away?
All of them
4. Where had Michael gone on vacation?
5. Meanwhile, there's tension between Jim and Karen regarding a house Karen wants to rent. Why doesn't Jim want her to rent it?
Pam lives there
He thinks it's too expensive
He thinks it's too close to where he lives
He thinks it's haunted
6. Through the episode, Michael tries to play which party tune?
Feelin' Hot Hot Hot
I Don't Want to Work
Who Let the Dogs Out
Don't Worry, Be Happy
7. Michael wants to incorporate a luau into which office function?
Performance appraisals
Order Form Consolidation
Expense reconciliaton
8. How far did Michael get with Jan on vacation?
She didn't go
Nothing happened
Second base
They had sex
9. Michael meant to send the picture of topless Jan to Todd Packer. To whom did he actually address it?
10. Where does Michael find an enlarged copy of the photo of him and topless Jan?
The break room
The warehouse
The windshield of his car
The conference room
11. Dwight finds Pam crying in the hallway. He tells her:
"You're PMSing pretty bad, huh"
Crying will get you killed in the animal kingdom
The company wasn't paying for her to cry
That Jim had finally gone too far
12. When Jan comes to the office to talk to Michael, she:
Suspends him
Doesn't seem to know about the existence of the photo
Fires him
Tells him she's in love with him

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