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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 09: The Convict
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. How does Michael learn that there is a convict on the staff?
He gets a call from the police department
The employee's parole officer visits the office
The employee discloses it to Toby
The company has received a rebate a federal department
2. Who is the ex-convict?
3. Why is Michael upset when he learned who the ex-convict was?
He wanted it to be Toby
He thinks it devalues the company
It was the person Michael trusted the most of the former Stamford employees
He thinks that it's such a stereotype that he ex-con is black
4. In the episode, Jim advises Andy on how to impress which female office staff member?
5. How does Dwight tempt Martin, once he learns about his convict status?
He bends over with a wad of cash sticking out of his pants
He makes a pretend phone call, saying his PIN number out loud
He leaves the office safe open
He asks Martin the best way to rob a bank
6. Michael asks the staff to name a white person, and he'll name a black person that he trusts even more. When Karen suggests Jesus, Michael responds with:
Gary Coleman
Apollo Creed
The sound effects guy from the Police Academy movies
Denzel Washington
7. Martin volunteers that he was in prison for:
Insider trading
Grand theft auto
Witness intimidation
8. What facet of prison life, as explained by Martin, did Kevin find especially appealing?
Watercolor classes
Free movies every night
Conjugal visits
Outdoors time
9. What was the name of the character Michael employed to make prison life seem less appealing?
Prison Mike
Hard Luck Harley
Mean Tony
Hot Hand Hal
10. Because the staff thought that prison life was so nice, Michael:
Threatened to fire all of them
Locked them in the conference room
Called to police to have them arrested
Arranged for a field trip to an actual prison

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