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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 08: The Merger
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. In the pre-credit clip, Pam has Dwight run, in order to prove he's faster than Toby. Pam doesn't use a stop-watch to time him, though. What does she use?
A calculator
A digital thermometer
A Gameboy
Her car remote
2. Dwight gives this advice to Michael regarding the Stamford employees:
Don't call them by their correct names
Publicly humiliate them
Fire one of them on the first day
Make them engage in a death match to determine which ones can remain employed
3. Who is the first former Stamford employee to arrive at the office?
4. What is the chief physical characteristic of Tony Gardner?
He's Asian
He's overweight
He's very short
He's bald
5. When she meets him, Karen asks Michael if he is a _______ or a ________.
Lumberjack / football player
Robot / martian
Movie star / politician
Janitor / waiter
6. Which of the following was not a part of Andy's plan to become the #2 man in the Scranton office?
Name repetition
Personality mirroring
Blatant sucking up
Never breaking off an handshake
7. Andy and Dwight clash over who reports to whom. Andy has this title:
Vice Regional Manager
Regional Director in Charge of Sales
Supervisor of Sales
Director Emeritus of Sales
8. The newcomer orientation video Michael shows is called:
Life in Scranton
Lazy Scranton
Hip Hop Scranton Town
Things to Do in Scranton When You're Dead
9. Jim recalls a similar video he saw on his first day, which contained a take-off of this horror movie:
The Blair Witch
The Exorcist
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
10. Jim urges Karen to record her voice mail message:
In Pig-Latin
By using a Bugs Bunny voice
With a pronounced accent
Without using any vowels
11. Hannah distracts employees in the office by:
Singing off key
Using a breast pump
Rocking back and forth in her squeaky chair
Talking incessantly on her phone
12. What is the root of tension between Karen and Phyllis?
They're assigned to the same client
Jim keeps looking over at Karen
Phyllis's perfume
The length of Karen't skirt
13. During his Integration Celebration, Michael tries to channel which Saturday Night Live sketch?
Night at the Roxbury
Wayne's World
The Church Lady
Hanz and Franz
14. Michael has the former Stamford employees sit:
In the warehouse
On a table
In the hallway
15. Michael unwittingly follows Dwight's advice when he fires1 which Stamford employee?
1Right after he quits

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