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How Well Do You Know: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban quiz

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1. At the beginning of the movie, what is Harry hiding under his blanket?
School book
Letters from Ron and Hermione
A picture of his parents
Food from the kitchen
2. In what part of the house does Aunt Marge blow up like a balloon?
Living room
Dining room
3. What is Dudley doing during Aunt Marge's first dinner with the family (besides eating)?
Bullying Harry
Watching TV
Feeding Aunt Marge's dog
Combing his hair
4. What did Harry tell Stan, from the Knight Bus, his name was?
He didn't give one
5. What song does the choir greet the students with when they first get to school?
Double Trouble
Five Little Pumpkins
Welcome To Hogwarts
Black Cats
6. What sounds do the boys make after they've gone back to their room and eaten the magical candy?
Cricket, whale, cow, cat
Lion, monkey, elephant, steam engine
Jaguar, tucan, horse, dog
Sounds? What sounds?
7. What is the first class of the third year that Harry and Ron go to?
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Study of Magical Creatures
8. Even though Harry is old enough to finally go to Hogsmead, he can't go because neither his aunt or his uncle signed the permission slip. Who does Harry visit instead while everyone else in the town?
9. When Professor Snape substitutes in Defense Against the Dark Arts, what subject was on page 394?
Hinky Punks
10. While Harry was on the Knight Bus, who relayed messages from Stan to Ernie?
Stan did it himself
The hanging head
Ernie's pet rat
Harry yelled at him
11. Where else do you see the hanging heads?
Defense Against the Dark Arts class
In a crystal ball
The train station
12. What strange shape are the candles in Professor Lupin's study?
13. Why does Hagrid get all dressed up in his fur coat and orange and yellow polka dotted tie?
To impress his new students on his first day of teaching
He had to go to a hearing
He wore it to the welcome dinner
Hermione told him he looked nice dressed up
14. Why does Hagrid have to go to a hearing?
Buckbeak attacked a student
The parents didn't like that a half giant was teaching their students
Too many kids complained about the lessons
He was reapplying for his wand
15. Ron loses his pet rat a lot, but in this movie he blames Hermione for Scabbers going missing. Why?
He told Hermione to watch Scabbers he ran away
He thinks Hermione's cat Crookshanks ate him
She did a homework assignment about Scabbers and never brought him back
She kicked him out of the common room and they hadn't seen him since
16. Where does Ron evenutally find Scabbers?
Hagrid's cabin
In the clock tower
On the bridge
In the common room
17. When Snape breaks into Shrieking Shack, after everyone else had already broken in, he saw Sirius Black for the first time in a while. What did he threaten Sirius with?
Turning him over to the Minister
The dementor's kiss
The killing curse
Sending him back to Azkaban
18. What does Snape do when he sees the werewolf coming towards him?
He runs, screaming like a girl
He pulls out his wand to use it on the werewolf
He waits for Sirius the dog to take care of it
He protects Harry, Ron, and Hermione
19. Where does Harry find Sirius after Sirius the dog gets hurt fighting the werewolf?
By a pond
In the woods
Too close to school
Back in the Shrieking Shack
20. After the dementors' attack, what makes Harry think he has seen his dad?
He's seeing things
A stag patronus
Mist from the pond
A reflection in the pond
21. How many turns of the timeturner does Professor Dumbledore suggest Hermione make to go back in time?
22. What does Buckbeak snack on while Harry and Hermione wait in the forest?
23. Who comes to save Harry and Hermione from the werewolf while they're in the forest?
Sirius the dog
24. Who sent Harry the new Firebolt?
Sirius and Buckbeak
Dumbledore and McGonagall
The quidditch team
25. For several people, this film was their first-time involvement with the Harry Potter franchise. Which of these people WAS involved in the making of the first two Harry Potter films?
Director Alfonso Cuaron
Screenwriter Steve Kloves
Michael Gambon as Dumbledore
Gary Oldman as Sirius Black

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