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How Well Do You Know: Stargate
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You would think alien technology design schematics would surpass the St. Louis arch.

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1. In the opening moments of the film, a character played by which actor gets randomly - and quite rudely - attacked by a comet?
James Spader
Jaye Davidson
Kurt Russell
Mili Avital
2. Where is the first Stargate discovered?
Giza, Egypt
Jerusalem, Israel
The same place all scientific discoveries are made in movies like this: the moon. Duh.
Washington, DC
3. James Spader's character, Dr. Daniel Jackson, gives an enlightening seminar on the actual builders of the Great Pyramids. What ends this discussion?
A comet blast hits outside, exposing the first Stargate.
Catherine bursts in and announces he is needed for the Stargate project
The crowd determines him insane and all of them leave.
The historically unprecedented Egyptologists Workers' Rights strike begins.
4. Sweet grandmotherly type Catherine immediately offers Daniel Jackson a job in the taxicab. What kind of job is being discussed?
Not that kind, you sicko pervert. This is not Taxicab Confessions.
Chief Engineer of the Stargate Project
He is being called up to active duty in the military.
Translation of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs
5. Kurt Russell's character, Colonel Jack O'Neil, is suffering through crippling depression when he is called up to active duty. What is the source of his woes?
He's married.
His last military operation had been shut down due to budget cuts.
His hockey team just got car-rushed by the Russians.
His six-year-old son accidentally shot himself to death.
6. Dr. Jackson suffers from what affliction?
Total eclipse of the heart
7. When Catherine questions Jack on why he was added to the project, he replies:
"I guess it's because I look good in uniform."
"I have eight months until retirement. If I die, they don't have to pay my benefits."
"I'm here in case you succeed."
"I'm the plucky comic relief. Can't you tell?"
8. The über-smart scientist, Dr. Jackson, explains that a person needs seven points to triangulate an exact position. Six are to determine a destination. What is the seventh?
The point of origin
The time of origin
9. In order for the military team to perform a reconnaissance mission, they need to complete what task which Dr. Jackson claims capable of doing?
Calculate their location in the constellation.
Find the marker which allows them to dial home.
Set the bomb and destroy the Stargate from the other side.
Seduce the alien girl and teach her how to make love like an Earthling.
10. Upon crossing over to the other side of the galaxy, the military team exits the pyramid and sees what visual which confirms they are in a different world?
Kadeem Hardison.
Scantily-clad Mili Avital as Sha'uri.
Some sort of camel/donkey/horse hybrid which promptly drags the science nerd through the desert.
Three moons in the sky.
11. What prevents Dr. Hieroglyphics from initially fulfilling his promise to realign the Stargate and return the crew to Earth?
His allergies act up due to the hostile foreign atmosphere.
If you were getting quality alien booty, would you be in a rush to get back to Earth?
He misinterprets an aspect of the cartouche.
The tablets are not right by the Stargate as he had anticipated.
12. The hardass military hothead, Ferretti, is (almost incomprehensibly) played by what actor who has made a living being nebbish comic relief?
Andy Dick
Dave Foley
French Stewart
Tony Shaloub
13. What is the real reason Jack O'Neil was chosen to lead the mission?
He's the only person to have been beyond the Stargate.
General West wanted some alone time with Goldie Hawn
He's the only decorated officer capable of communicating in hieratic languages.
He's to blow up the Stargate, becoming collateral damage in the process.
14. How does Jackson befriend the locals the first time?
He has tamed their workbeast, so they worship him as a god.
He takes Sha'uri into the friendship tent, wherein the linguist teaches her what 'climax' means.
He gives the religious leader a Fifth Avenue bar.
He discovers the language of these people is a form of Portuguese.
15. When Dr. Daniel draws a figure in the sand, what happens to him?
He gets attacked by the villagers.
He is informed that the creature they believe to be Ra is vengeful.
Sha'uri follows him into the tent and offers him some hot alien slavegirl lovin'.
The sandstorm hits with full force, blowing his drawing into the wind.
16. In addition to Jaye Davidson, one other Academy Award-nominated actor has a part of the film. Who is it?
Djimon Hounsou
James Spader
Javier Bardem
Kurt Russell
17. Colonel Jack tries all of the following in communicating with the villagers in order to locate Daniel except:
Displaying Daniel's jacket
Giving Fifth Avenue bars to them
Making clucking sounds like a chicken.
Making sneezing noises.
18. Why did the evil monster known as Ra ban reading and writing?
He wanted all his slaves' free time spent mining for the ore which sustains his life.
It's time his subjects should be spending performing the act of procreation.
Pointy-headed intellectuals make for overbearing dinner companions.
Through reading and writing, they might remember the truth about a prior rebellion.
19. How do the Jaffa control the mystical portal they use to move between the higher and lower levels of the pyramid?
A blue gem in the garish costumes
Ever been on an elevator? Same deal.
Ra is the only one who controls the portals
20. What are Ra's first words to Jack and Daniel?
Kneel before me, slaves.
The clothing you wear...I do not recognize it.
Why did you bring a bomb here?
You have come here to destroy me.
21. During the first meeting with Ra, Jack overwhelms the Jaffa and points a gun at their ruler. Why does he not fire?
Daniel jumps in front of the blast and is (temporarily) killed.
He cannot operate the unknown energy weapon.
His team will be wiped out if he kills Ra.
Ra's young Jaffa stand in front of him to assure his safety.
22. Why does Ra say he originally chose the human race?
'The atom. You harnessed its power.'
'My ship crashed there. My options were limited.'
'I felt a kindred spirit in them, naïve though they might have been.'
'Your easy to repair.'
23. Ra assigns whom the task of executing Jack?
'Good Father' Kasuf
Jaffa Horus
24. When they invade the pyramid and see the bomb, Daniel and Jack make a simultaneous exclamation. What do they say?
'I've got an idea.'
'Let's finish this.'
'We are so screwed.'
25. Which of these characters does not die at some point in Stargate?

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