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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 03: The Coup
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. The episode begins during a Movie Monday. What movie is the office staff watching?
Wall Street
Varsity Blues
Groundhog Day
2. Who enters the office to find it deserted during Movie Monday?
The fire marshall
David Wallace
A client
3. Who on the staff does not approve of Movie Monday?
4. Angela: "I know that patience and loyalty are good and virtuous traits but sometimes I just think you need to:"
Knock some heads together
Employ a cleansing white fire
Stop [censored]ing around
Grow a pair
5. Which video game does the Stamford branch all play together?
World of Warcraft
Call of Duty
Grand Theft Auto
6. When Dwight calls Jan to arrange for a meeting, he instructs her to pull over at _________ until they can meet:
A Gap store
A Target store
A Liz Claiborne store
A car dealership
7. For his cover story to explain his absence, Dwight tells Michael that he is going to:
A taxidermist
His cousin's tuba recital
Oversee the sowing of his beet fields
The dentist
8. How does Michael learn of Dwight's insurrection?
Jan tells him
Dwight tells him
He finds toll receipts in Dwight's jacket
He finds a restaurant receipt in Dwight's car
9. Dwight tells Michael that the name of his dentist is:
Scott Michael
Levi Janson
10. When Michael realizes Dwight has betrayed him, he tells the camera guy a parable involving which two animals?
A cobra and a mongoose
A tiger and a monkey
A samurai dog and a ninja kitty
A skunk and a gorilla
11. Pam wears a fairly low cut blouse during work hours. Which male member of the staff stops by to blatantly ogle her?
12. Michael tells Dwight that Jan called to:
Fire Michael
Demote Michael
Transfer Michael
Promote Michael to Corporate
13. Seizing the reins of the branch, Dwight tells Angela that she can be in charge of:
The warehouse
The accountants
His heart
The women
14. How does Karen simulate a grenade explosion at the end of the episode?
By making a loud noise
By throwing paper clips in the air
By kicking her desk
By stepping on a balloon
15. At the end of the episode, Dwight is standing on a desk with a card around his neck. What word is written on the card?

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