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How Well Do You Know: The Office, Season 3 Episode 02: The Convention
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The Office Season 3 quiz

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1. Michael announces to Pam at the beginning of the episode that he's decided to take which life-altering step:
He wants to adopt a baby
He is going to sell the Sebring
He wants to learn to be ambidextrous
He is going to take a leave of absence and backpack through Europe
2. In which city is the convention held?
Atlantic City
New York City
3. What is unusual about the conversation that Dwight and Angela have in the break room about Dwight going to the convention?
They sign the whole conversation
They speak in code
They talk without looking at each other
They alter their voices
4. Kelly sets Pam up with someone. What does the someone do?
He is a cartoonist
He is the mayor of Scranton
He is a garbage man
He is a stand-up comic
5. Jim is at the convention, along with which other member of the Stamford branch?
6. When he sees Jan at the convention, Michael tells her:
That nothing can happen between them at the convention
That he wants Jim transferred back to Scranton
That he wants Josh fired
That he wants Dwight transferred to Stamford
7. In Michael's room, Josh and Jim share an inside joke about "a shot of ______, perhaps."
Seagram's 7
8. What is significant about the location of Michael's room?
It is near the elevator
It is near the fire escape
It is near Jan's room
It is near Jim's room
9. What famous Pittsburgh athlete does Michael meet at the convention?
Terry Bradshaw
Lynn Swan
Mario Lemieux
Jerome Bettis
10. Angela checks into the hotel where the convention is using what name?
Jane Doe
Angela Smith
Angela Shrute
Angela Dunder-Mifflin
11. Michael challenges the Stamford guys to what type of contest?
A drinking contest
An arm-wrestling challenge
A paper-airplane throwing contest
A footrace
12. When Jim breaks into Dwight's room and briefly sees Angela, he thinks she is:
Robbing the room
A maid
A hooker
Hotel security
13. For her blind date, Pam wore:
Her wedding dress, along with the veil
What she had on at work
Her pajamas
A cleavage-revealing dress she bought
14. Which of the following was not something that Michael had in his room for the party?
A blow-up doll
A strobe light
A dart board
Lots of alcohol
15. Jim tells Michael that the reason he left Scranton was:
Because Michael was a bad boss
Because he couldn't deal with Dwight anymore
Because of Pam
Because the Stamford job was a much better opportunity

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