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How Well Do You Know: Presidents in the Movies
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Presidents in the Movies quiz

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1. In Night at the Museum, Teddy Roosevelt had a crush on which other historical figure?
Joan of Arc
Florence Nightingale
2. In Primary Colors, John Travolta's Jack Stanton was patterned after which real-life US President?
George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
George H.W. Bush
Jimmy Carter
3. When Dave Kovic is not masquerading as President Bill Mitchell in Dave, he operates this type of business:
Employment agency
Messenger service
Print shop
4. Who portrayed a US President who informed the country of the extreme danger posed by something called Wolf-Biederman?
Rutger Hauer
Ed Harris
Morgan Freeman
Clint Eastwood
5. Which US President hired James West and Artemus Gordon in the 1999 film Wild Wild West?
Abraham Lincoln
Grover Cleveland
Ulysses S. Grant
James K. Polk
6. Who played a fictitious, lecherous US President in Love Actually?
Billy Bob Thorton
Al Pacino
Andy Garcia
Donald Sutherland
7. At the end of Dick, as the presidential helicopter flies overhead, Betsy and Arlene hold up a banner saying, "You Suck, Dick!" How is the banner signed?
Enjoy prison!
See you when you're tan, rested and ready
Bite me, Checkers
Love, Deep Throat
8. Among the many alias that Irwin R. "Fletch" Fletcher used was the name of this US President:
Harry S Truman
George Washington
Jimmy Carter
Herbert Hoover
9. Clint Eastwood's Frank Horrigan protected a largely-unseen US President in In the Line of Fire. What was the President's Secret Service code name?
Iron Horse
10. "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room." This classic movie quotation was spoken by President __________ in Dr. Strangelove:
Stewart Q. Gimbleston
Merkin Muffley
McKinley Abraham Johnson
Roger S. Wimperson
11. Though the film's audience knew better, news outlets in Absolute Power reported that President Alan Richmond had killed himself by:
Stabbing himself
Hanging himself
Electrocuting himself
Poisoning himself
12. In Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Abraham Lincoln ended his speech "Fourscore minutes ago......." with:
San Dimas High School Football Rules!
Up with miniskirts!
Andrew Johnson was a total wang!
Party on, Dudes!
13. In Independence Day, President Thomas Whitmore had a very fortuitous background in which of the Armed Forces?
Air Force
Coast Guard
14. How did Mars Attack!'s James Dale meet his unfortunate end?
His head was disintegrated by the Head Disintegrator 5000 Death Ray
He was impaled by a flag
He accidentally detonated a nuclear bomb which bore an unfortunate resemblance to a large Twinkie
He didn't - he totally kicked ass and kicked those little green bastards off the planet
15. Which of the following US Presidents did Forrest Gump not "meet" in the Oscar winning film?
John F. Kennedy
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Richard Nixon
Lyndon B. Johnson
16. Andrew Shepherd, the title character in The American President, was a widower. What was the name of his daughter?
17. Which action star had climbed all the way to the position of President of the United States in The Simpsons Movie?
Steven Segal
Chuck Norris
Bruce Willis
Arnold Schwarzenegger
18. Shown here are actors James Cromwell (L) and Donald Moffat.

With regards to their roles as US Presidents in Tom Clancy movies, which is right?
Moffat appeared as the president in both The Sum of All Fears and Clear and Present Danger
Cromwell appeared as the president in both The Sum of All Fears and Clear and Present Danger
Moffat appeared as the president in The Sum of All Fears, Cromwell appeared as the president in Clear and Present Danger
Cromwell appeared as the president in The Sum of All Fears, Moffat appeared as the president in Clear and Present Danger
19. Harrison Ford had one of his last memorable film roles as President James Marshall in Air Force One. Do you remember the last name of the Vice President, played by Glenn Close?
20. Which film stated that FDR established the Bureau of Paranormal Defense in 1943?
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
X-Men 2: X-Men United
The X Files: Fight the Future
21. Who portrayed John F. Kennedy in the Cuban Missile Crisis film 13 Days?
Kevin Costner
Bruce Greenwood
Dylan Baker
Steven Culp
22. The tune "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow", whistled menacingly, signified that the supposed President of the United States was in fact an impostor in this film:
xXx: State of the Union
GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra
The Bourne Supremacy
23. A terrorist announced his campaign of....well, terror, by way of a video message containing bits of US Presidential speeches in which film?
The Jackal
The Siege
Live Free or Die Hard
True Lies
24. Dastardly Elliot Carver plans to blackmail the President of the US with video of him canoodling with a cheerleader in a motel room in which James Bond film?
Tomorrow Never Dies
Casino Royale
Die Another Day
25. Later to become much more famous as a game show personality and commercial actor, Ben Stein had a bit part as a high school teacher in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Before his entertainment days, Stein was a speech writer for which US President?
Richard Nixon
Ronald Reagan
Lyndon B. Johnson
Jimmy Carter

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