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How Well Do You Know: The Mummy
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Imhotep scratched "Death is only the beginning" into the sarcophagus with his fingernails, it wasn't written in blood.
Lilytoby 4/29/13 1:26 pm


1. What is the name of the Mummy's love interest?
2. How does the Pharoah discover his mistress has been unfaithful?
He catches them in a lover's embrace.
He discovers some dirty heiroglyphics of their naughtier encounters.
Her body paint is smudged.
Imhotep brags of his conquest to the other priests.
3. Who kills Anck-su-namun?
The Pharoah
The Pharoah's Men, the Mumia
She kills herself
4. How does Rick O'Connell first encounter an aspect of The Mummy?
He discovers The Mummy's tomb.
He finds The Mummy threatening Evelyn.
The Mummy's spirit projects a face in the sand.
Without getting too specific, it gets lonely in the desert.
5. Evelyn's brother, Jonathan, produces a box for his sister to study. What is contained inside it?
A key to The Mummy's tomb.
A bejeweled necklack of Anck-su-namun
A map to The City of the Dead
A miniature Mummy doll
6. When Evelyn initially meets O'Connell, what happens first?
He kisses her.
He punches her brother, Jonathan.
She has him hung.
She exposes more than her eyes if you know what we mean.
7. While O'Connell is being hung to death, the Warden and Evelyn negotiate. How much does it cost to save our hero's life?
25 percent
30 camels
500 pounds
Evelyn's honor.
8. While on board the ship, our heroes are attacked by:
American adventurers also seeking The City of the Dead
Imhotep's Winds
Pirates, and not the ones from Pittsburgh
9. O'Connell makes a wager with the Americans that he will be the first to:
Expand Evelyn's sexual boundaries
Kill The Mummy
Reach The City of the Dead
Unearth The Mummy's tomb
10. Who or what is Hamunaptra?
Egyptologist's real name
Evelyn's cat
Something Evelyn teaches O'Connell how to do.
The City of the Dead
11. When O'Connell discovers The City of the Dead, what is his first comment?
Asps. Very dangerous.
Do you all see that Mummy-looking sandstorm?
Hey Beni! Looks to me like you're on the wrong side of the river!
You boys owe me five hundred dollars.
12. Upon entering the embalmer's chamber, what aspect of their discovery awes Evelyn?
Odors permeating throughout the area. Mummies don't keep well in enclosed areas.
No one has entered the room in 4,000 years.
The lack of treasure
The ridiculously violent nature of The Mummy's death
13. Evelyn says she is not all of the following except:
An adventurer
A gunfighter
A librarian
A treasure hunter
14. Before Evelyn is able to kiss O'Connell, she has to call him something. What is it?
The Mummy Killer
The Scorpion King
Stud Muffin
Rick, because that is his name.
15. The Egyptologist decodes a message which says all of the following except:
Death will come on swift wings to whomever opens this chest
Danger: great evil lies within.
People who open the chest will be killed and their organs and fluids assimilated.
The undead, if brought back to life, are bound to consummate the curse.
16. When The Mummy was buried alive, he left a message written in blood. What did it say?
Death is only the beginning
It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all
I'll be back
This sucks
17. The ill-fated Americans uncover a "treasure" which carries with it a curse. What is it?
A golden shield
A diamond scabbard
A scarab necklace
Five jewel-encrusted jars
18. Let's talk plagues. The Mummy has the Hom-Dai curse performed upon him. Which plague does it not include?
People covered in sores and boils
Sandstorms aplenty
The sun is blacked out
Water turned to blood
19. Burns, one of the Americans, unwillingly donates some body parts to Imhotep in an unlicensed medical procedure. They are his eyes and his:
*ahem* Masculinity
20. The heroes meet Winston the pilot at the hotel bar. Winston laments that his skills have not been utilized properly since when?
His favorite prostitute moved back to London
His last plane had been repossessed
Last Saturday
The end of the Great War
21. When the semi-human Imhotep encounters Evelyn at the hotel, what does he say to her?
Anck-su-namun, you appear different.
Do you speak Hebrew?
It's my duty to please that booty.
You saved me from the undead. For this, I thank you.
22. What is the sworn duty of the Mumia?
To hook up with the Vulva
To protect Hamunaptra from discovery
To stop the High Priest Imhotep's return
What sworn duty? They're just local militia with cool tattoos.
23. Like another seemingly invincible dude, Superman, The Mummy has one quirky weakness. What is it?
Cats (the animals, not the play).
Gunpowder-laced shrapnel
He cannot be away from his Tomb for extended periods of time.
He has to shake his groove thang every time he hears Walk Like an Egyptian
24. One of the comic relief characters dies before they return to The Mummy's tomb. Which one is it?
The Rock
25. What finally kills Imhotep (for two years, until the sequel comes out)?
A passage from The Book of the Dead
A passage from The Book of the Living
O'Connell runs him through with a sword
O'Connell shoots him with his trusty .38 pistol

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