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How Well Do You Know: Ice Age
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Ice Age quiz

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1. In what will be a motif through the entire series of films, the opening of Ice Age depicts the squirrel Scrat's attempt to secure a prized possession. What is it?
An acorn
An icicle
A blade of grass
A dinosaur bone
2. Approximately how much screen time is devoted to Scrat's opening scene?
Between one and two minutes
Between five and six minutes
Between three and four minutes
Between eight and nine minutes
3. Which of the primary cast realizes that his family has left for the migration without him?
Manny the mammoth
Sid the sloth
Diego the sabertooth
Scrat the squirrel
4. Sid meets Manny as the sloth is being attacked by two prehistoric animals most closely resembling:
5. Soto, the leader of sabertooths, wants revenge on the humans, by taking their:
6. When the sabertooths attack, the human woman rescues the baby by escaping to a:
7. After delivering the baby to Manny and Sid, what happens to the baby's mother?
She is eaten by the sabertooths
She wanders off by herself
She is carried away by the river
She drops dead
8. Sid, Manny and Diego negotiate with a flock of birds over what type of food?
A melon
9. The birds involved in the squabble over the food most closely resemble what extinct breed?
Giant Moa
Great Auk
Passenger pigeon
10. When two other sabertooths catch up with Diego, Diego told the others to tell Soto he was bringing the baby and:
He knew where the rest of the humans were camped
He would also deliver a mammoth
He would hand over the baby if Soto would relinquish leadership of the tribe
He knew where the tribe could find unlimited food
11. Manny and Diego wake one morning to find the baby is missing. Sid had taken the baby - for what purpose?
To demonstrate he had leadership skills
To impress some females
To change the baby's diapers
He was sick of Manny and Diego's abuse
12. The gang pass a semblance of which architectural wonder?
The Great Pyrami
The Great Wall of China
The Easter Island heads
13. The song "Send Me on My Way" accompanies the gang's journey. Who performed the song?
Paul Simon
Arrested Development
Rusted Root
Blind Melon
14. What hijinx ensues as the gang tries to make their way through an ice cave?
The baby gets lost in one of the chambers
They slide down paths in the ice
Diego gets his tongue stuck on the ice
Sid gets imprisoned in a fallen set of icicles
15. In the cave, it is revealed:
Diego plans to deliver the baby to the sabertooths
Humans killed Manny's family
Scrat has eaten the acorn
Sid is actually female
16. What unusual geologic event occurs in the last half of the film?
An enormous earthquake shakes the land
The ice melts underneath a lava field
The Rocky Mountains form
Scores of geysers appear
17. Which of the troop inadvertently starts a fire?
The baby
18. Around the fire, the baby begins to:
Potty train
19. Diego lead Manny, Sid and the baby into an ambush. What was the name of the mountain where Diego lead them?
Death Peak
Scraggly Peak
Half Peak
Forbidding Widow's Peak
20. What was the name of the baby?
It was not stated in the film
21. How did Sid temporarily escape the sabertooths?
On an ice slide
By hiding in a log
On skis
By playing dead
22. Who or what kills Soto?
A pool of lava
An icicle
23. Who is present when the baby is delivered to its father?
Manny only
Manny and Diego
Manny and Sid
Manny, Sid and Diego
24. Which of the follow is not one of Scrat's exploits with the acorn in the film?
He is struck by lightning
He is nearly crushed by glaciers
His fur is singed off as he tries to pluck the acorn out of a magma flow
He tries to thaw the frozen acorn over the fire
25. The final scene of the film shows an ice block encasing Scrat and the acorn. How many years in the future is this?
2 million

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