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The Sound of Music quiz

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Number 21, about in what TV production Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer played a married couple decades after The Sound of Music, is totally irrelevant to one's knowledge of this movie! Throw it out!!!
lpadilla 12/12/10 5:01 pm


1. Our first introduction to Maria shows her singing and twirling atop a hill when she SHOULD be:
Back at the university
Traveling to her new job as a governess
Back at the abbey
On a bus to Vienna
2. The Sound of Music is takes place in:
1940s Prague
1930s Budapest
1930s Salzburg
1940s Munich
3. According to the other nuns at the abbey, the troublesome Maria could manage to do all but what?
Throw a whirling dervish out of whirl
Outpester any pest
Make you want to hurl
Drive a hornet from its nest
4. Georg von Trapp is a retired:
Captain in the Imperial Navy
Major in the Imperial Army
Colonel in the Austrian Air Force
He was an entertainer, not a military man!
5. Good thing Maria has "confidence in me" - she's going to need it. She will be the new governess to ______ children!!
6. How does Captain von Trapp summon his children?
Clapping his hands
Blowing a whistle
Yelling for them
He doesn't - he prefers not to interact with them
7. The first day on the job, and Maria has already had to deal with mischievous children. What HAVEN'T they tried by the end of the first day?
Convince Maria to arrive late for dinner and slurp her soup loudly
Put a frog in her pocket
Put spiders in her bed
Put a pinecone on her chair at dinner
8. The Captain refuses to allow Maria to make play clothes for the children - but she manages to do it anyway, while he is away in Vienna. How does she get the material for the clothes?
She uses the fabric from her old bedroom drapes
She uses the material she was going to use to make her own clothes
She orders some fabric and forges the Captain's signature on the order form
Eh, who needs "play clothes"? She allows them to play in their uniforms
9. Uncle Max is looking for an undiscovered singing group to "pluck out of obscurity". Where does he want to introduce them to the public?
Salzburg Folk Festival
Budapest Spring Music Festival
Vienna Festival
Schubert Festival
10. Upon his return to his estate, The Captain, Mr. "Discipline First", first sees his children...
Standing in line formation, perfectly well-behaved
Doing cartwheels on the veranda
Singing for Maria
Falling out of a canoe
11. A party is thrown in the honor of Baroness Elsa Schraeder. How does Georg manage to irk Nazi official Herr Zeller at said party?
By refusing to "heil Hitler" / gesture
By refusing to speak to him / giving him the cold shoulder
By hanging an Austrian flag in the entryway instead of a Nazi one
By introducing him by the wrong name
12. Maria and Georg let those lovin' feelings show while:
Demonstrating to the children how to dance the Laendler
Singing Edelweiss with the children
Watching the children sing good night to the crowd at the party
Elsa is greeting the party guests
13. When the meddling Elsa points out that Maria and Georg seem to be in love with each other, Maria:
Runs downstairs and confesses her feelings to Georg
Takes a trip to the hills near the abbey where she can clear her mind
Runs away to the abbey and goes into seclusion
Hops on a bus to Vienna for a weekend so she can decide how to proceed
14. The children attempt to visit Maria at the abbey. The Captain wants to know why they were late for dinner, suspecting they were doing something they shouldn't have been. The children lie and say they were:
Rehearsing for the folk festival
Out swimming
Picking out a wedding present for Captain and the Baroness
Picking berries
15. So, Georg finally gets rid of that pesky Elsa and he and Maria confess their lovin' feelings. He wants to know who he should ask for permission to marry her. She suggests:
The children
Mother Superior
The other nuns at the abbey
Uncle Max
16. Poor Liesl. Her former boy toy Rolfe is now giving her the cold shoulder. As it turns out, that's because he's now involved with:
The Third Reich
Liesl's classmate
A man, baby!
17. Refusing to accept a commission in the German Navy, the Captain decides the family will leave Austria in secret. Who alerts Herr Zeller to their plan?
Franz, the butler
Rolfe, Liesl's former love interest
Helga, the housekeeper
Uncle Max
18. Where do the von Trapps initially hide from the Nazis?
Under a canoe near their lake
In the glass gazebo
In the crowd at the Salzburg film festival
At the abbey
19. How do they escape Austria?
They drive over the border into Italy
They hike over the mountains to the Swiss border
They board a train into Hungary
They don't...they are captured.
20. How do those clever nuns thwart the Nazis' plans to chase/capture the von Trapps?
They let the air out of the Nazis' car tires
They remove parts from the Nazis' car so it won't start
They put banana peels on the stairs
They move extra slowly so the von Trapps have time to escape from the abbey's cemetery
21. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer later co-starred as a married couple in a TV production of:
The African Queen
Our Town
On Golden Pond
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
22. Which von Trapp child later found some TV success as a popular superhero?
Kurt (Duane Chase)
Brigitta (Angela Cartwright)
Frederich (Nicholas Hammond)
Louisa (Heather Menzies)
23. How many Oscars did The Sound of Music win?

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