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How Well Do You Know: Braveheart (Version 2)
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Braveheart quiz

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Very silly quiz in my opinion. Too many attempts at humor. I would love for someone to create a serious quiz for this incredible movie.
mjsocrates 11/12/09 11:14 am


1. What is the name of William Wallace's best childhood friend and lifelong sidekick?
2. William's Uncle Argyle comes to take him away when William's father is killed. What language does Argyle vow to teach his nephew to speak?
3. The English King, Longshanks, grants his nobles what 'old custom' that finally provokes the Scottish into open revolt?
Habeas Corpus
Causus Belli
Inna Gada Davida
Prima Noctes
4. Name Wallace's love interest in the film!
5. Hamish's father is wounded in the chest by an arrow early in the movie. What does he say as his son attends to his wound with a red hot poker?
Holy Toledo!
Is that all you've got?
That'll wake you up in the morning, boy!
If you were any other man, I'd disembowel you!
6. Robert the Bruce tries to unite Scotland's nobles against the English. His father discourages him. From what disease does his father suffer?
7. Wallace and his men are forced to go up against the English army, who have heavy cavalry (horses). What is their defense?
Make spears. Twice as long as a man, because some men are longer than others.
Buy machine guns.
Hide two divisions of pikemen in the trees, have them flank and encircle the cavalry, destroying them utterly.
Use harsh language.
8. Why can't that be William Wallace?
William Wallace died in 1305.
I'm PRETTIER than this man.
William Wallace's sword was a four and a half foot long claymore, which is taller than Mel Gibson.
William Wallace could not rock the Mullet like Gibson in Lethal Weapon.
9. In order to converse with his equal, an Irishman is forced to talk to...
Denis Leary
Ted Kennedy
Patrick Dempsey
The Almighty
10. At the Battle of Stirling, what man made structure was critical to the outcome of the battle, but not featured in the movie?
A windmill
A lighthouse
A hedge row.
A bridge
11. Which English King specifically, was Longshanks?
Charles I
Edward I
George III
Michael IV
12. Mel Gibson was astride what animal when he gave his climactic 'Alba gu bra' speech at the Battle of Stirling?
A horse
A camel
A cat
A bridge
13. Which well known British actor makes a surprise appearance at the Battle of Stirling? (Evil Question)
John Cleese
Patrick McGoohan
Chris Barrie
Rowan Atkinson
14. What year was 'Braveheart' released?
15. After his victory at the Battle of Stirling, Wallace was named...
Guardian and Protector of Scotland
King of the World
Dark Prince of Mordor
Lord of the Sith
16. Men don't follow titles, they follow...
The sun
The moon
The stars
17. What was the name of the Clan whose rival claim for the Throne of Scotland threatened Robert the Bruce?
The McCuloughs
The Byrons
The Baliols
The Carlyles
18. What city did Wallace and his men sack near the end of the film?
19. Who's Next?
Maybe You
Maybe Me
It doesn't matter
20. In the year of our Lord 1314, patriots of Scotland, starving and outnumbered, charged the fields of Bannockburn. They fought like...
Warrior poets
Sean Connery
All of the above

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