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How Well Do You Know: The Dark Knight (Part II)
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The Dark Knight quiz

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Question Number 1 GRUMPY: Three of a kind, let's do this. CHUCKLES: That's it? Three guys? GRUMPY: Two guys on the roof. Every guy gets a share. Five shares is plenty. CHUCKLES: Six shares. Don't forget the guy who planned the job. GRUMPY: He thinks he can sit it out and still take a slice. they assume the Joker is sitting it out, but he's disguised as one of them remember :-) only 5 guys
Jace1709 9/7/10 3:38 pm


1. How many mask-wearing bad guys were involved in the bank robbery at the beginning of the film?
2. At the beginning of the film, what was James Gordon's rank?
3. What is a clue that the Batman shown breaking up the drug deal at the beginning of the movie is an impostor?
He's right handed; Bruce Wayne is a leftie
His voice is not gravely enough
He uses a gun
His codpiece is too big. Or to small
4. The first time Alfred meets Bruce in the film, the Butler takes an elevator down a new version of the Batcave. The elevator is in a(n):
Phone booth
Shopping mall
Police station
Shipping container
5. Throughout the film, Harvey Dent uses what conceit to demonstrate his decision making process?
Flipping a coin
Twirling a pencil
Reading serial numbers off dollar bills
Determining which way the wind is blowing
6. What act of heroism does Harvey Dent perform during his first appearance in court?
He performs CPR on a dying man
He disarms a witness
He prevents the murder of a defendant
He stops a terrorist takover of the court
7. What was the name of the Chinese national which prevented the seizure of the mob money by taking it to Hong Kong?
8. "I'm gonna make this pencil disappear." Where did the pencil disappear?
Into a hoodlum's chest
Up the Joker's sleeve
Through a detective's neck
Into a mobster's head
9. The film's cast includes the actor who played the title character in which other comic-to-film movie?
10. At different points in the film, the Joker tells varying versions of how he got the scars at the sides of his mouth. Who was not mentioned in one of the versions?
His wife
His twin brother
His mother
His father
11. In the film, what was Skyhook?
The means of extracting Batman from Hong Kong office building
Dent's secret plan for taking down the mob
The code-word for getting access to the Batcave
The keyword Fox used to dismantle Batman's city-wide listening network
12. Harvey Dent's campaign slogan:
He'll Put a Dent into Crime
Justice Has a New Face
I Believe in Harvey Dent
Trust Me
13. A joker card pinned to a man the Joker killed had three sets of DNA, signifying those people were targets of the Joker? Whose DNA was not on the card?
The judge handling the mob racketeering case
The Police Commissioner
The Mayor
Harvey Dent
14. Batman and the Joker face off for the first time at Harvey Dent's fundraiser. How does the Joker get away?
Batman rushed Dent to safety
The Joker drops Rachel out of a building
The Joker set off a smoke screen
The Joker kidnapped Alfred
15. Alfred contemplates the motives of the Joker: "Because some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want:"
To make everyone feel the misery inside of them
To see everything go dark
The scar the wold the way that they are scarred
To watch the world burn
16. The Joker lures Bruce to an apartment overlooking the scene of the attempt on the Mayor's life by using what pseudonym?
Richard Green
Gordon Black
Melvin White
Elvis Brown
17. What two types of vehicles were involved in the Joker's attempt to hijack the police convoy taking Dent to jail?
A motorcycle and a cement truck
A semi truck and a garbage truck
An ambulance and a semi truck
A cement truck and a garbage truck
18. When Gordon apprehended the Joker, he stated about the mysterious identity of the Joker: "Nothing in his pockets but knives and:"
A playing card
A list of targets
A tooth
19. As Batman and the police raced to save Harvey and Rachel, the Joker kept demanding his phone call. What was the purpose of the phone call?
To trigger an explosion which destroyed the police station
To trigger the explosion which destroyed the warehouse where Rachel was
To trigger the explosion which destroyed the warehouse where Harvey was
To trigger the explosion which destroyed the hospital
20. It is suggested that the criminal Chinese accountant dies:
In a hospital explosion
In a helicopter crash
On top of a flaming pile of money
In the explosion at the police headquarters
21. During the standoff on the explosive-laden ferries, one of the detonators was thrown out of the window into the water. Who did this?
One of the criminals
One of the civilians
A guard on the ferry with the criminals
An official on the ferry with the civilians
22. Meeting with Harvey Dent in the hospital, the Joker describes himself as "an agent of:"
23. Which of the following was not a disguise the Joker wore in film?
A prisoner uniform
A nurse's uniform
A clown mask
A police uniform
24. What did Lucius Fox type in to dismantle Batman's city-wide listening network?
"No more"
"End run"
His name
His letter of resignation
25. "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." Who originally said this in the film?
The Joker
Rachel Dawes
Harvey Dent

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