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How Well Do You Know: Say Anything...
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No, silly, I would never go out with a Beastie Boy!

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There is importance is the details, so they need to be there!
amadhatter53 6/8/13 12:22 pm


1. What does Mr. Carroll write in Corey's yearbook?
"You're a real live wire."
"I'll see you in the car."
"Congrats to a terrific student."
"Keep playing the guitar!"
2. According to D.C., what is "a date"?
A scam
Going out as friends
A prearrangement with a possibility for love
3. How many songs does Lloyd say Corey wrote about Joe?
4. What does Diane give to Lloyd when she breaks up with him?
A candy bar
A letter
His black T-shirt
A pen
5. Which kind of car does Lloyd drive?
A Camaro
A Malibu
A Thunderbird
A Lincoln Continental station wagon
6. What does Lloyd tell Mr. Court are his plans for the future?
To spend as much time as possible with Diane before she leaves
Junior college
As much kick-boxing as he can fit into his schedule
To join the Army
7. Which song does Mr. Court sing while he's driving?
Skankin' to the Beat
Ricki Don't Lose That Number
Cult of Personality
8. When South Park spoofed the Say Anything… boom box scene, what song did Stan play?
In Your Eyes
Big Time
Shock the Monkey
9. Which movie does Lloyd show the residents of the nursing home?
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Sixteen Candles
On Golden Pond
10. What did Lloyd do the first time Diane went out with him?
Taught her how to drive
Pointed out some glass for her to walk around
Accidentally stepped on the back of her shoe
Gave her his class ring
11. Which actor portrays Valhere, the guy who throws the biggest parties every year at graduation time?
Jeremy Piven
Nicolas Cage
Eric Stoltz
Sean Penn
12. Which of the following is not the name of a kick-boxer mentioned by Lloyd when he meets Mr. Court?
Don the Dragon Wilson
Benny "The Jet" Uriquez
Savage Steve Holland
Mercy Mess on the Champions of Sport
13. What is the mascot of Lakeside High School?
An Ironman
A rooster
A terrier
An elephant
14. What does Lloyd try to borrow from J-Man?
His copy of Hey Soul Classics
His kick-boxing gear
His trenchcoat
His car
15. Who is the other "brain" from Diane and Lloyd's graduating class?
16. How did Lloyd get Diane Court to go out with him?
He sent her a love letter
He held up a boom box outside her window
He stopped her at a locker in the hall
He called her up
17. Where did Lloyd first meet Diane?
In English class
At the mall
At the nursing home where they both volunteered
At a basketball game
18. Where does Lloyd draw the line (though he later relents)?
Two unreturned calls
Three unreturned calls
Five unreturned calls
Seven unreturned calls
19. Diane received a scholarship to go to school in which country?
20. Which movie is showing at the Guild 45th Theatre when Lloyd drives past it?
Stand By Me
Grandview, U.S.A.

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