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How Well Do You Know: Sunshine Cleaning
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Sunshine Cleaning quiz

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1. At the top of the film, Norah gets fired from her job. Where did she work?
In a restaurant
At a bowling alley
At a beauty salon
At a school
2. A man shoots and kills himself with a gun in this location.
His home
A park
A gun shop
A restaurant
3. Norah tells Oscar a scary story about a lobster man who likes to lick _____.
4. Rose excelled in _____ during her high school days.
The spelling bee
5. Rose learns that her son is in deep trouble for doing this in school.
Licking things
Kissing girls
Skipping class
6. Rose tells a former classmate that she wants to get her _____.
Teaching license
Her CPR license
Drivers license
Real estate license
7. Rose and Norah's first cleanup job is in a motel. What room?
8. While purchasing items, Rose learns she and Norah are the talk of the town for _____ and dumping _____ in the dumpster.
Charging clients too much money; bodies
Charging clients too much money; biohazards
Poaching jobs; bodies
Poaching jobs; biohazards
9. Rose learns that she needs to receive this certification to legally work in crime scene cleanup.
Bloodborne pathogen
Hotel maintenance
Bodily function
10. Oscar and his grandfather win _____ on a scratch lotto ticket.
11. Oscar's grandfather says he's going to purchase this item for his birthday.
Swim trunks
12. Norah is accused of following a woman. Much later, she lets the woman know that her mom died because she discovered her mom's _____ in a fanny pack while on the job.
Drivers license
Dental records
Personal photos
Credit cards
13. A job from an insurance company (read: BIG money) occurs on the same day as a _____.
Baby shower
14. Norah sets a house on fire when she knocks over a candle. What spooked her?
A dog
A cat
A bat
A bee
15. What's not the same as a life lie?
A friendly lie
A professional lie
A business lie
A loving lie

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