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How Well Do You Know: Groundhog Day
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1. The film takes place in what state?
New York
New Hampshire
2. In the weathercast that opens the film, Phil employs what stunt?
He simulates snow with powdered sugar
He pretends to blow clouds across the map
He uses magnetic suns to stick on the map
He uses a shadow puppet
3. Including the events in the film, how many years in a row has Phil gone to Punxsutawney?
4. When Rita first appears, what is she doing?
Eating at a diner
Working on a camera
Playing with the blue-screen
Sparring with Larry
5. What does Phil tell Rita is a trait of a really good producer?
Anticipating problems
Picking the right time to panic
Never saying die
Keeping the talent happy
6. Who is singing when Phil's alarm clock turns on?
Sonny and Cher
The Beach Boys
The Mamas and the Papas
7. How does Ned Ryerson know Phil?
Phil bought insurance from Ned several years
They went to journalism school together
They were in the same fraternity
They went to high school together
8. What song is playing as Phil enters Gobbler's Knob?
The Groundhog Rumba
The Pennsylvania Polka
Let's Do the Time Warp Again
I Got You, Babe
9. What is true about the actor who plays the marshal of the Groundhog Day festivities?
He is Bill Murray's brother
He is the film's director
He is married to Andie McDowell
He also plays Ned Ryerson
10. Why does Phil turn down the invitation to the Groundhog Dinner?
The blizzard is coming and he wants to leave town
He wants to go see a movie
He plans to kidnap the groundhog
He had groundhog for lunch
11. The first time he relives Groundhog Day, Phil tells the B&B manager that his chance of departure is what?
12. At the end of the first Groundhog Day that he relives, what does Phil do before going to bed?
Unplug the alarm clock
Call Rita
Break a pencil
Open the curtains in his room
13. Which happens first?
Phil kills himself
Phil dies when his car explodes
Phil gets arrested
Phil steals the groundhog
14. The name of the woman that Phil pretends that he knows from 12th grade English is:
15. Phil robs:
The bed & breakfast
An armored truck
A bank
A grocery store
16. Rita's favorite drink is:
Sweet vermouth
A Cosmopolitan
A vodka martini
Bourbon and soda
17. What did Rita study in college?
19th-Century French Poetry
Art History
18. To impress Rita, Phil learns how to do each of the following except for which?
Ice sculpt
Play piano
Recite French poetry
19. What song is playing during the montage in which Rita repeatedly slaps Phil?
You Don't Know Me
Stop in the Name of Love
Mona Lisa
It's Almost Like Being in Love
20. Which is not a method of suicide that Phil attempts?
Jumping off a building
Stepping in front of a truck
Slitting his wrists
21. To what does Phil attribute his apparent ability to learn the piano so quickly?
He is naturally gifted
He is a god
His fingers are nimble from stealing kids' milk money in school
His father was a piano mover
22. At whom does Phil make a pass?
A policeman
Ned Ryerson
A doctor
23. On his last Groundhog Day, Phil does each of the following except for which?
Helps put out a house fire
Saves a man from choking
Catches a boy falling out of a tree
Helps a car-full of women who get a flat tire
24. Rita wins Phil in the bachelor auction for $339.88. What was the winning bid for Larry?
A nickel
A quarter
25. Which is true of February 3?
There is no hot water in the B&B
He wakes up alone
The same song plays when his alarm clock goes off as did on February 2
There is no snow on the ground

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