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How Well Do You Know: Airplane!
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Airplane! Movie quiz

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Great Quiz! I love this film! :D xxx
Jessica 3/9/12 6:08 am


1. As with most spoofs these days, Airplane! has a lot of cameo appearances from random actors and other celebrities. Which of these people does NOT show up in the 1980 film?
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
William Shatner
Barbara Billingsley
Robert Stack
2. What is seen sporadically during the short scene set in the Mayo Clinic?
A human heart bouncing up and down off a desk
A person’s hand appearing from under a desk
A talking computer
A liver
3. What 1950s drama is Airplane! based on, despite not being credited in the film?
From Here to Eternity
12 Angry Men
Zero Hour
North By Northwest
4. During the flashback scene set in the scummiest dive outside of Detroit, Ted Striker manages to ignore a pretty crazy bar fight. Who are the two participants of that fight?
A pair of Shriners
A pair of Boy Scouts
A pair of Bible salesmen
A pair of Girl Scouts
5. Name the band whose famous disco song accompanies the first dance between our two leads, Ted and Elaine.
The Bee Gees
KC and The Sunshine Band
Earth, Wind, & Fire
6. Who is, in the end credits, credited as “Himself?”
Robert Stack
Lloyd Bridges
Leslie Nielsen
7. Dr. Rumack, played by Leslie Nielsen, springs into action as soon as food poisoning strikes the majority of passengers aboard the titular airplane. The two choices of dinner were steak and fish. What did Dr. Rumack have to eat?
8. What message does McCroskey (Lloyd Bridges) want his wife to relay to the milkman?
No more cheese!
Don’t forget the 1% milk!
Stop switching the order!
Stop delivering milk!
9. Ted Striker spends the first half of Airplane! by boring various passengers with the story of his romance with flight attendant Elaine. Which of these choices is NOT one of the ways those bored passengers commit suicide?
Being hanged
Being shot
Being stabbed
Being burned alive
10. Rex Kramer is the only person who can help the stricken airplane land safely, according to McCroskey. When we first meet the man, we see his incredibly playful Golden Retriever attack an airline employee. What’s the dog’s name?
11. Which of the following choices doesn’t fill in the blank of the following running gag? “A ____? What is it?”
12. What’s so unique about the ride to the airport that Rex Kramer takes with the airline employee who was previously attacked by his Golden Retriever?
They ride on a bicycle built for two.
They ride on a motorcycle and sidecar.
They ride in a canoe.
They appear to run over a bicyclist and drive past a scene out of a Western movie.
13. When Roger Murdoch (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) succumbs to the food poisoning, what is he found to be wearing?
Goggles and a Lakers uniform
A tuxedo
14. How many pairs of sunglasses is Rex Kramer wearing when he walks into the air traffic control center?
15. What city does the titular airplane land in?
New York
Los Angeles
16. What famous television mother comes to the rescue of a flight attendant by saying “I speak jive”?
Florence Henderson
Marion Ross
Jane Wyatt
Barbara Billingsley
17. Who is seen sleeping with Clarence Oveur’s wife?
The next-door neighbor
A horse
Clarence Oveur
A dog
18. When things get rough, a male passenger resorts to drinking some whiskey. He offers it to a female passenger, who’s disgusted at the offer. How does she choose to relax?
By smoking a cigarette
By drinking a gallon of water
By sniffing a line of cocaine
By going to the bathroom
19. Dr. Rumack, late in the film, gives Ted an inspirational speech. What college’s famous theme song plays behind this speech?
Notre Dame
20. Ted Striker has many horrible memories of the war he was in. The fate of one of his soldiers, George Zip, seems to be the worst memory of all. What rank did Zip hold in the military?
21. Which airline employee is apparently “getting larger”?
22. What part of the newspaper’s front page excites airline employee Johnny most?
The fact that passengers on the plane are certain to die
The sale at J.C. Penney
The fact that the airline will be negligent
The fact that there’s no writing on the front page
23. Which gate is the airplane originally supposed to land at?
Gate 6
Gate 7
Gate 8
Gate 9
24. At one point, we see a picture of McCroskey on the wall in the air traffic control center. What is he doing in the picture?
Sniffing glue
25. In one flashback, we see Ted in a hospital, where he tells Elaine about the various injuries soldiers have suffered from the war. What is Lieutenant Hurwitz’s reason for being in the hospital?
He thinks he’s still in a fighter jet.
He thinks he’s the doctor, not the patient.
He thinks he’s an angel.
He thinks he’s Ethel Merman.

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