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How Well Do You Know: The Dark Knight (Part I)
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The Dark Knight quiz

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1. The Dark Knight began with an extended bank heist sequence, where the Joker and some hired cronies stole a lot of cash; the plot is foiled when the bank manager takes a rifle to the gang. Which character actor played the bank manager?
John Heard
William Fichtner
Dylan Baker
Adam Baldwin
2. In late 2007, if you were lucky enough to go see a certain major movie in IMAX, you would have been treated to the bank heist sequence in The Dark Knight in the IMAX format. Which Warner Bros. movie did you have to see to get this sneak peek at the new Batman movie?
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Speed Racer
I Am Legend
The Bucket List
3. One of the many recognizable yet not quite immensely famous actors who shows up in The Dark Knight plays Mike Engel, the bombastic Gotham City talk show host who’s suspicious of Batman’s motives. Which regular from the 1980s John Hughes teen comedies plays Engel?
Anthony Michael Hall
Rob Lowe
Judd Nelson
Emilio Estevez
4. The Dark Knight doesn't introduce Batman in the opening scene, but a bit later. When we first see Batman:
He fights off a school bus full of angry Girl Scouts.
He's caught with his suit on by Rachel Dawes.
He’s seen fending off angry police officers.
He takes on drug-dealing gangsters and Batman impersonators.
5. Katie Holmes wasn’t widely praised for her role as Rachel Dawes in 2005’s “Batman Begins,” so some fans were glad to see that she didn’t reprise the role for The Dark Knight. What indie-film darling took her place as Bruce Wayne’s childhood pal and would-be lover?
Zooey Deschanel
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Gwyneth Paltrow
Amy Adams
6. Lucius Fox, the crafty inventor who created the Batsuit, spends most of his time in The Dark Knight hanging around Wayne Enterprises, dealing with a pesky accountant who inadvertently figures out that Bruce Wayne is Batman. How does this accountant find out the truth?
He uncovers the design for the Bat Tumbler while researching a shady Asian business.
He spies on Bruce Wayne changing into the Batsuit.
He overhears a conversation between Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox.
He hears Bruce Wayne mutter the phrase “I am Batman” while he’s nodding off during a business meeting.
7. How does the Joker make his second appearance in The Dark Knight, after the bank heist?
He shows up at a lavish party Bruce Wayne has thrown for Harvey Dent.
He reveals himself to be one of the Batman impersonators Bruce Wayne is fighting off.
He crashes a secret meeting of Gotham’s worst mobsters.
He turns himself in at Gotham Police Department.
8. Although it was shamefully snubbed for Best Picture at the Oscars, The Dark Knight did get nominated for a few of the golden trophies. Which of these men did NOT get nominated for an Oscar for his work on The Dark Knight?
Heath Ledger
Wally Pfister
Nathan Crowley
Christopher Nolan
9. How much money does the angered gangster Gambol offer to any other interested party to bring the Joker to him dead?
$1 million
$2 million
10. How is Lucius Fox able to give Bruce Wayne a way to see into the heavily secured building where the sneaky businessman Lao has holed up in, while in Hong Kong?
He uses his cell phone as a makeshift sonar system.
He knocks out the guards with a poisonous odor he’s brought with him.
He distracts them by talking to them about the sights to see in Hong Kong.
He mortally wounds the guards with a rifle.
11. Another recognizable face in The Dark Knight is courtesy of the actor who plays Gotham’s mayor, Anthony Garcia. Which enigmatic actor, currently seen on ABC’s hit show Lost, plays Garcia?
Titus Welliver
Nestor Carbonell
Mark Pellegrino
Michael Emerson
12. One of the reasons that The Dark Knight was able to gross more than $500 million domestically was it being shot partially in IMAX format; anyone seeing an IMAX movie pays more than an average ticket, so the numbers went up for the Bat. During its opening weekend, how much of the gross was from IMAX theaters?
$5.3 million
$4.7 million
$6.2 million
$6.6 million
13. Which of the following stars of The Dark Knight didn’t use a stunt double for the shot where their character is standing atop the Sears Tower in Chicago?
Christian Bale
Heath Ledger
Aaron Eckhart
Maggie Gyllenhaal
14. Why does the Joker attack the SWAT truck driven by a masked Jim Gordon, holding Harvey Dent, midway through The Dark Knight?
He thinks that Dent knows where Batman is.
He thinks Dent is making a mistake by marrying Rachel Dawes.
He thinks Dent is driving the truck.
He thinks Dent is really Batman.
15. Right before the incredibly awesome shot where Batman’s gadgets successfully make an 18-wheeler flip end over end in the middle of a city street, what does the Joker’s henchman say, something that could be sarcastically classified as famous last words?
I think we’re safe!
He missed!
He’s gone, right?
I don’t see him, do you?
16. Why does Jim Gordon play dead for about 30 minutes of The Dark Knight, fooling nearly everyone in the film?
He wants to take attention off his family so the Joker won’t attack them.
He wants to take a vacation.
He wants to see what it’s like to be Batman for real.
He wants to infiltrate the Mob.
17. Even though the Joker pulls a fast one over Batman and the Gotham cops, what is the real address of where Harvey Dent has been rigged up to an explosive device?
250 52nd St.
8th and Madison
Avenue X at Cicero
23rd and Broadway
18. Which of these characters does NOT visit Harvey Dent when he’s at the hospital, recovering from serious burns to his face?
Bruce Wayne
The Joker
Jim Gordon
19. One more go-round with the recognizable faces that populate The Dark Knight. What is the name of the actor who plays the ominous, scary convict who throws the detonator out of the ferry full of prisoners?
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Steve Austin
Triple H
Tommy “Tiny” Lister
20. How is Batman able to figure out where the Joker is broadcasting his address to the people on the two ferries?
He uses a special pair of binoculars that can zoom up to 10 miles away.
He uses an expanded version of Lucius Fox’s sonar-via-cell phone idea.
He trails the Joker to his hideout.
He pays off one of the Joker’s henchmen.
21. How does Lucius destroy the massive military development project Bruce has set up to spy on people?
He takes an axe to the system.
He types in a special password: his name.
He unplugs the entire system.
He sets the computer on fire.
22. Alfred, as played by Michael Caine, is given a letter by Rachel for Bruce to read, about halfway through The Dark Knight. Alfred ends up reading the letter, where Rachel tells Bruce she no longer loves him. What does Alfred do with this letter after Rachel dies?
He burns it.
He gives it to Bruce, despite not wanting to.
He reads it aloud to Bruce.
He throws it into the street, so cars will run over it.
23. Though there are two main villains in The Dark Knight, The Joker and Harvey Two-Face, another famous villain in the Batman universe makes a cameo appearance. Name the villain.
The Riddler
The Penguin
24. During the action sequence that culminates with the Joker’s semi-truck being flipped over, Batman ends up destroying the Bat Tumbler, only to have a big, tricked-out motorcycle appear. What is the name of this new vehicle?
Bat Cycle
Bat Pod
Bat Wheels
Bat Motor
25. Here’s an easy one to end this quiz out. Which of these actors has NOT played Batman?
Christian Bale
Val Kilmer
George Clooney
Nicolas Cage

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