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How Well Do You Know: The Closer: Season Five
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The Closer Season 5 quiz

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1. Lets start off easy: Which character had left the squad, making this season's Major Crimes a bit less dynamic?
2. Appearing in a number of episodes, Mary McDonnell's Sharon Raydor provided a great foil for our Lt. Chief Johnson. What was Raydor's rank?
3. "Products of Discovery": In a case surrounding a quadruple homicide, Provenza, the coroner and an accomplice to the murder all mistook:
North for West
A Honda for a Toyota
26th Street for 26th Place
38th Circle for 38th Court
4. "Products of Discovery": In trying to solve the quadruple homicide, Brenda accidentally stumbled into an ongoing case conducted by:
Homeland Security
5. "Blood Money": Appearing in an episode later in the season, Paola Turbay

played a woman temporarily assigned to MDC, a detective with the last name of:
6. "Blood Money": The case concerned the apparent kidnapping of a real estate tycoon for $1,190,476.19. What was the significance of the sum?
It was the amount needed for the kidnapper's wife's cancer treatments
It was an individual's share of a class action law suit
It was the amount the kidnapper needed to bring his family across the US border
It was the amount lost in a high-stakes poker game
7. "Red Tape": Gabriel shoots a man in a parking lot outside of a bar. Who had Gabriel been meeting with in the bar prior to the shooting?
8. "Red Tape": RIP Kitty. It was suggested that Brenda's furry companion died:
At Brenda's house
In the back of Provenza's car
In Brenda's office
At the vet's office
9. "Walking the Black Cat": During the episode, Brenda carries with her Kitty's ashes, which are in:
A Tupperware container
A plastic bag
A Coke bottle
An aspirin container
10. "Walking the Black Cat": On the dating front, Provenza has done quite well for himself, as he introduces the squad to his girlfriend, a rather fetching woman named:
11. "Half Load": Buzz and the rest of the squad was blessed with new video equipment worth:
12. "Half Load": The episode concerned a reformed gang member named Reggie who was shot from several blocks away. The shots that killed Reggie were fired from:
An empty lot
A pawn shop
A gas station
A church
13. "Tapped Out": The episode concerned the murder of "hook-up king" Mark Bernstein who went by the name:
14. "Tapped Out": Major Crimes' efforts to solve the case were made more difficult by a police impersonator who went by the name of which fictional detective:
Dick Tracy
Thomas Magnum
Sam Spade
Philip Marlowe
15. "Strike Three": The episode concerned the murder of two patrolmen who were killed by a pair of Aryans who went by the names of:
Butch and Ringer
Stinger and Danny
Teddy and Stomper
Mick and Bruiser
16. "Strike Three": The two Aryans, while being held in a patrol car, unwittingly directed Brenda's squad to weapons located:
In the trunk of a Cadillac
In a flower bed
Beneath a floorboard
Under a mattress in a child's crib
17. "Elysian Fields": A murder suspect named Howard Greeson was found dead in Elysian Park. How many other bodies were discovered in the park?
18. "Elysian Fields": The crime was perpetrated by a retired detective, played by Tom Skerritt. The detective was known casually as:
Ralphie T.
Mikey A.
Ricky Z.
Joey O.
19. "Identity Theft:" Willie Ray comes for a visit with Brenda's niece, who insists that Brenda call her Charlie instead of this, her given name:
20. "Identity Theft": James Clark, a schizophrenic young man was key to solving the murder of a holistic doctor in his office. James Clark provided which description of the office which helped Brenda solve the case?
It was bloody
It was crowded
It was dark
It was wet
21. "Smells Like Murder:" A body was delivered to Major Crimes stuffed in a:
Garbage bag
File cabinet
22. "Smells Like Murder:" Totally goofy on pot brownies, Brenda scrawled two words on a napkin which were key to her solving the case. What were the two words?
Send Back
Look Again
Black Out
Need Munchies
23. "Maternal Instincts": This particularly discouraging episode opens as Brenda and Charlie arrive at the aftermath of a shooting in a parking lot:
Of a movie theater
Of a school
Of a church
Of a fast food restaurant
24. "Maternal Instincts": So that she could surveil Jake, the ill-fated victim of the parking lot shooting, Brenda bugged Charlie's:
Music player
25. "Waivers of Extradition": Brenda's pursuit of a serial killer was aided, somewhat, by a copy from which Southwestern city?
El Paso
26. "Waivers of Extradition": Which of the following was not true about the episode?
The killer wore a ninja outfit
The killer had left a trail of victims along the I-10 freeway
It was directed by Kyra Sedgwick herself
The episode featured a dynamite chase involving an automobile trailer

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